Official poster and details of its characters

Disney continues to expand the Star Wars universe more and more. On this occasion he presents the new poster of his next animated series Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions It is a new proposal with 9 different episodes, together with the best Japanese animation studios, of Star Wars as we have not seen before that can be seen exclusively by Disney + subscribers.

Official Star Wars: Visions poster with its characters

This new poster of Star Wars: Visions shows us new details about the characters of the series: We see Ronin with a red lightsaber and next to him the droid R5-D56 (“The Duel”), the blond character with red hair ornaments Haru and the masked Vaan ( “The Village Bride”), the little droid T0-B1 (“T0-B1”), the green-eyed villain Masago (“Akakiri”), the Lop girl, who looks like a rabbit, and the orange droid TD- 4 (“Lop & Eight”), to Boba Fett (“Tatooine Rhapsody”). Karre, with his lightsaber, and the mysterious central character with a helmet (“The Twins”), Dan (“The Elder”) with a blue lightsaber and finally Juro (“The Ninth Jedi”) with a blue lightsaber.

The 9 episodes and their details:

  • The Duel, from the Kamikaze Douga studio (Batman Ninja, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). It will feature actor Brian Tee and actress Lucy Liu as voice actors.
  • Tatooine Rhapsody, by Studio Colores (Burn The Witch, Penguin Highway). This episode will feature mythical characters like Jabba The Hutt and Boba Fett, plus it will feature voice acting by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • The Twins, from the Studio Trigger studio (Promare, Little Witch Academy). Neil Patrick Harris and Alison Brie will voice the main characters in an episode centered on two twins from the dark side.
  • The Village Bride, from the Kinema Citrus (The Rising of the Shield Hero) studio. Suicide Squad (2016) actress Karen Fukuhara will be the main voice of an episode that is marked by the enormous culture and tradition of Japan.
  • The Elder, from Studio Trigger itself, it will be an episode based on the relationship of a young Padawan and an elderly teacher. David Harbor (Stranger Things) will lend his voice for the title role.
  • He agreed, from the Science Saru study (Devilman: Crybaby). This episode will feature Henry Golding (GI Joe: Snake Eyes) and Jamie Chung (Dragonball: Evolution) as voice actors and its story will revolve around the relationship of a Jedi and a princess.
  • T0-B1, from the same Science Saru study. It will be an episode with direct references to the classic Astro Boy, but centered on a small droid named T0-B1. It will feature voice acting by actors Jaden Waldman and Kyle Chandler.
  • The Ninth Jedi, from one of the biggest studios working on this series, Productions IG (Ghost in The Shell, Attack on Titan). Kimiko Glenn and Simu Liu will be the protagonists of what could be the last episode.

Here is the trailer for the series

Each episode will last between 13 and 22 minutes, and in which everything that happens within their stories will be canon for the Star Wars film universe.

Star Wars: Visions It will arrive this next September 22 on the Disney + platform. Subscribe in this link and enjoy the best series and movies from a galaxy far away.

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Official poster and details of its characters