“Readers’ words” – Is Jean-Michel Blanquer the Don Quixote of “wokism”?

Jean-Michel Blanquer holds the record for the longest stay in rue de Grenelle. He is proud of having reformed – at a rapid pace and against the advice of all the teachers – the high school and the baccalaureate. He also recently published a pamphlet to celebrate the fact that French schools remained open during most of the health crisis without saying a word about the significant risks and anguish inflicted on the entire educational community to which he did not. has never given the means to work and study in serene and safe conditions, stubbornly refusing to equip establishments with CO sensors2, teachers of correct masks, or to organize an effective screening policy.

Jean-Michel Blanquer on October 14 at Tremblay-en-France (Seint-Saint-Denis)

Today, at the twilight of his destructive stay at the Ministry of National Education, Mr. Blanquer, formerly a university professor and emeritus researcher, completely falls into conspiracy by supporting the creation of a republican circle in the fight against the «Wokisme». This circle, populated by half-scientists from the television set (Caroline Fourest, Rachel Kahn, Raphaël Enthoven), intends to protect France and its youth from the terrible ideologies that flow diabolically from American campuses, a sort of dens of diabolical nightmares that pervert the immaculate whiteness of French universities. In addition to the fact that it is funny to see a minister of education trying to recover the frightened delusions of the extreme right, this crude diversionary maneuver poses two central problems.

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The first is that this «Wokisme» does not exist. The theories and concepts that make right-wing and far-right ideologues and editorialists shudder, most often without bothering to read nothing, have nothing particularly sensitive or threatening to anyone. that is. For several decades, researchers in the humanities and social sciences in France have been reflecting on the social and empirical realities with which they are confronted by referring to the concepts of class, gender and race. These are fundamental data for understanding societies, which must be distinguished from potential militant uses, in the same way that reading Marx cannot be invalidated by the crimes of the Red Brigades.

The second is the most glaring imposture. the «Wokisme» denounced by Mr. Blanquer works like the Islamogauchism of his sad colleague [ministre de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation ] Frederique Vidal. It comes to clumsily attempt to hide the lamentable shortcomings of inept management of public resources.

Ms Vidal presides over a constant strangulation of the university and public research which recruits half as many as ten years ago. Mr. Blanquer drives out the wokes when our children are short of teachers. My eldest daughter, in fifth grade in a public college in Val-de-Marne, has not had an English teacher since the start of the school year and her case is not isolated. Hundreds of teachers are missing in the fall of 2021. Have they been devoured by the wokes? A little serious, Minister!

Simon Grivet, Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne)

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“Readers’ words” – Is Jean-Michel Blanquer the Don Quixote of “wokism”?

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