“Schools put to the test of uncertainties”: a plea for a fair, united and mixed institution

Delivered. Sociologist Aziz Jellab does indeed engage in a “Advocacy for an emancipatory institution”, as the subtitle of his book indicates, and not the outline of an action plan which, in the current conditions of the political debate on education, between a weakened Jean-Michel Blanquer and an overbid “Reaction” to right-wing oppositions would remain highly theoretical. Far from the simplifications in vogue for schools, the common point of which is generally to evacuate the deep economic and social causes which hinder its proper functioning, it dwells, on the contrary, on these conditions and their weight.

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It describes in particular the inequalities “Cumulative”, including those of a cultural and spatial nature, which “Combine to create real gaps between students and mortgage their future”. A single example, brought to light by the confinement experience, will give an idea: according to a survey published in August 2020 by the Treasury Department (” Inequalities in living conditions in the face of confinement », Letter Trésor-Eco, n ° 264), nearly 25% of children under 15 in France do not have a quiet place to study at home. We need this kind of book, which is also a reminder of reality, to counterbalance the refrain of “when we want, we can” which permeates odes to meritocracy.

“Human promotion”

But Aziz Jellab doesn’t stop at citing statistics. He bases his reflection on his own experience within the educational institution, first as a guidance counselor, then as a teacher trainer, and finally as a professor of sociology at the university within the framework of the National Higher Institute. training and research for the education of young people with disabilities and adapted teaching.

In his list of “Uncertainties” to face, he does not forget “Ideologies which defend permanent change, posited as a necessity”, a context marked by “Competitive frenzy”, the generalization, including among schooled youth, of the “Fear of tomorrow” and competition, through social networks, of a “Market of narcissism which weakens all critical thinking”.

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He analyzes the health crisis and the on-the-spot mobilizations to which it gave rise to maintain the educational link as the most crude indicator of the need for an educational institution to “To re-enchant” and which, to be solid, must imperatively be “Inclusive and fair”. When he draws the broad outlines, he is part of what could be a reformist left project. He underlines in fact that, without renouncing in any way the acquisition of knowledge, “The promotion of people and solidarity” must be “At the heart of the teachings”. He establishes the principle that “Cooperation between students must be the foundation of school learning” and pleads for a real social mix within schools, the only way for students to live “A common world”.

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“Schools put to the test of uncertainties”: a plea for a fair, united and mixed institution

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