Patrick Lussier delivers a fun old-school slasher without fear of ridicule

Do you remember the fun 90s? Patrick Lussier was an important figure behind Wes Craven’s collection of genre and right-hand titles at the time. Editor, screenwriter and director, returns a decade after his extraordinary ‘Blind Fury’ with the sympathetic ‘Trick or Treating‘, a unpretentious fun full of humor and desire to kill clueless people.

The Halloween Killer

Still frowning at Blumhouse’s poor Halloween night revisit, Lussier has decided to put some order in the slasher with his latest film. ‘Trick or Treat’ is a horror thriller full of guts and stabs that he has the healthy intention of not pretending to appear more than he really is. Lussier shows that during the start of the confusing 2000 he did not know fear or shame with sequels such as ‘Angels and demons 3’, ‘White Noise 2: The light’ or his trilogy started with ‘Dracula 2000’.

As if it were the sixth installment of some horror franchise worn down by the passing of years and the lack of originality, Lussier and his usual script colleague, Todd Farmer, have decided to turn the tables and make that “defect” the main virtue of the film. And is that this ‘Trick’ looks like the bodycount of a full franchise. In addition, at no time does he pretend to be anything more than that and the sense of humor runs free in that cursed territory.

Critical trick

It is impossible to deny the sincere love that Lussier feels for the genre, especially by checking his relationship with Farmer, and with this surprising and in some way refreshing slasher with nothing to lose They have perhaps given the end to a genre that, despite knowing how to always show signs of resurrection, could well be buried forever with this film starring the also very retro Omar Epps and Jamie Kennedy, popular faces of cinema that it honors? this ‘Trick or Treat’.

Patrick Lussier opens the doors to a slasher that starts like crazy, with no time to introduce characters that really matter between little and nothing. With a style very anchored to that time, he also sends an affectionate greeting to the days when we did not have to apologize for spilling blood and also gives us the veteran Tom Atkins, a face linked to favorite titles from any fan, like ‘Maniac Cop’, ‘The Fog’ or ‘Terror knocks on your door’.

The infinite killer

Despite these good intentions and desire to play, the film does not finish rounding the job, in part because of the plot of the protagonist’s investigation, too affected and linked to characters that still matter less than the main ones, which is to say. Curiously and despite being a movie that repeats itself, that repetitive part torpedoes a story that was going at cruising speed.

Still 1

It also seems that at times Patrick Lussier thinks he is smarter than he is when it comes to revelations. We agree that guilty pleasure does not exist, but if there is this ‘Trick or treat’ it could be a perfect example. A slasher from another era who just wants to annihilate as many characters as possible through a delightfully silly story.

Who still looks with nostalgia the time of the neo-slashers post-Scream you will find here some top material for a night of popcorn. Patrick Lussier may not be the most subtle filmmaker in the world, but his love of the genre is as pure as ours, and that is more powerful than any other aspect that comes into play when it comes to valuing a hobby like this.

‘Trick or Treat’ will be available from May 7 on Rakuten (tvod) Movistar (box office), Filmin (tvod), Orange (tvod) and Vodafone (tvod).

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Patrick Lussier delivers a fun old-school slasher without fear of ridicule