Peter Capaldi explains his reasons for leaving the series now

Doctor Who is going to experience a lot of changes. The first has to do with the doctor’s new companion. We told you about her at the time that we met her in the first trailer of the tenth season. This is how we were introduced to Bill (interpreted by Pearl Mackie), who had many doubts about the TARDIS and time travel. The last news we presented about Bill narrated that he will have a characteristic that the actress thinks should not be relevant at all: she is a lesbian. These were his statements: »lrepresentation of reality it is important, especially in a series as popular as this one. It shouldn’t be such a relevant matter In the 21st century, it’s time, right? It is important to say that people are gay, people are black. I remember watching TV when I was a young mixed race girl who didn’t see a lot of people like me, so I think being able to visually recognize you on screen is important. [Ser lesbiana] it is not the main feature that defines her, is something that is part of her and something with which she is happy and comfortable.

Another change that will take place is the change of doctor. They have already happened saying goodbye Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, and soon Peter Capaldi will add to this list.

He has decided that his third season will be his last and he will say goodbye to December 25th, with the doctor who christmas special and in which his successor or successor will be known.

As we told you, we learned that Peter Capaldi was about to stay longer, as revealed Steven Moffat: «Peter needed long time to clarify. Chris tried to persuade him to stay. I knew it was a possibility that he was leaving because Doctors tend to stay for three years. I thought maybe he would choose to leave rather than go through the trauma of the showrunner change and maybe quit a year later. But I think that was about to stay».

Now, the actor has been sincere with the reasons that will lead him to say goodbye to the series: «He wasn’t sure how long he could keep doing this and do his best. My fear was that if I continued, I would not push myself. As there so little preparation timeYou’re doing something difficult without the necessary experience or skill, which is exciting, but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep doing it as well as I would have liked.

Secondly, Peter Capaldi He has said that he will miss all the people who work for and for the series very much: «They are a group of such good people. I’m going to miss them so much And it’s the end of something I’ve never done anything for three years. What’s more, Doctor Who is something magical. It is connected to my childhood and gets a very warm response from people, children and fans of different kinds. But it’s over».

Nothing is known about who will succeed him, but what standard he recommends was revealed Steven Moffat to find the perfect successor in the role of the Doctor: «sHe chooses the best person for the job and any agenda, even if it is worth it, should be ignored. He has to be the best person to the Doctor than Chris [Chibnall, nuevo showrunner] is writing. Chris is going to be working with the actor for a couple of years and he’s a pressure cooker. It can be tough, so you have to choose your friend wisely. As long as it works for the good of the series, it will be good».

Finally, another change that will take place in the series is that of showrunner. Steven Moffat is paving the way Chris Chibnall. When this departure was announced, many fans thought that the Steven Moffat’s departure as showrunner It could be the end of the series, but Moffat denied it from the beginning: “With Doctor Who, you will never want to have finished the story – I’m not going to do that”.

Moffat also said that he wanted the new showrunner of the series, Chris Chibnall, had an unbeatable setting when he arrived, so he will try leave it as well as possible: “so no… I’ll keep carrying it forward. The thing is, people don’t care about me or Chris, that’s the truth. It’s sad but true – so the departure of one showrunner and the arrival of another doesn’t matter much, because no one has ever heard of us. “

Currently, Steven Moffat is producing the tenth and last season in which he will participate.

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Peter Capaldi explains his reasons for leaving the series now