August 4, 2021

the chaotic debut of the Moderna vaccine in town

Messenger RNA is finally coming to town. This step was expected by liberal health professionals – doctors, pharmacists, nurses and midwives – who will finally be able to offer their patients the vaccine against Covid-19 from the Moderna laboratory, until then only accessible in vaccination centers. .

The flow of delivery from this laboratory is now entirely redirected to the city, only the second injections of people vaccinated in the center still being sent to these infrastructures. The city medicine offer is thus expanding with a third vaccine, in addition to those of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer, it remains intended for vaccination centers.

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It was a long-standing demand: access to messenger RNA to overcome adenovirus vaccines, not very popular and reserved for over 55s. However, the party is marred by some unforeseen events. A truck carrying 145,000 doses, or a third of the weekly volume distributed throughout the country, broke down on May 26, delaying pharmacy deliveries initially scheduled for May 27 to 29. in several regions of the south of France. The professionals were finally supplied at the beginning of the week, but all the appointments organized before Wednesday, June 2 had to be canceled.

“An unacceptable delay”, reacted the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF) in a press release Friday, urging pharmacists to now “Wait to receive the vaccines before resuming the appointments”, without relying on the confirmation email from the Directorate General of Health.

“Sometimes a truck breaks down”

“This is what often happens in complex logistics circuits, comments the Ministry of Health on Tuesday. When we manage the weekly delivery of nearly 90,000 health professionals via the efficient and nonetheless demanding system of wholesalers distributors and pharmacies, and that we manage in parallel the supply of 1,700 centers, sometimes a truck breaks down . “ Still, this failure creates a slight decline in the weekly vaccination rate, since 3.3 million injections were performed last week against 3.6 million the previous one.

For city medicine, it’s the last straw. “Since January, we have not known a single week with smooth operation”, sighs Philippe Besset, president of the FSPF, recalling the chronic delivery delays of AstraZeneca at the beginning of the year. “We were very motivated, but we wanted something simple, regrets this pharmacist from Limoux, in Aude. We have been in a parallel system for months from which we have not managed to get out ”.

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