August 3, 2021

On the Internet, antivaxers looking for fake health passes

“Anyone who wants the health pass, contact me privately. “ Since the announcement of the extension of the health pass, Monday, July 12, offers have emerged on the Internet for those resistant to vaccination. For a price of between 200 and 500 euros, it would be possible to obtain a false health pass, without having received the slightest drop of vaccine in the blood. Illegal offers which in many cases appear to be scams.

On Telegram messaging, a salesperson who calls himself “Generous” offers various options. For 100 euros, he reuses QR codes from “real” health passes and adds the personal information of the person placing the order. The buyer then receives his fake certificate by email, which he can print and present for checks. However, when it is scanned, the data of the real pass holder will be displayed on the screen. In the event of control by the police, fraudsters incur up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros for forgery and use of forgery.

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The falsification of an already existing health pass is not the only strategy implemented by fraudsters. “Generous” also offers a health pass of“One or two doses” registered – according to his claims – on the Ameli account. “I have my neighbor who works for Social Security and I give her your contact details and your Sécu number, specifies the seller in his chat channel. She does what is necessary, and it will be official for French law. But as you can imagine, this solution is more expensive: 200 euros. “

This is the choice made by Samuel (all first names have been changed), commercial in the banking and insurance sector in the Toulouse region. He should get his fake health pass in two weeks, but has no certainty about the validity of the document. “There are certainly scams, but even if the fake pass doesn’t work, don’t go to restaurants, to the movies, to the theater… I will survive. And at least I would have tried it. “

“Not easy” to get one

To avoid getting ripped off, Alexis, who works as a consultant, scoured many websites, including the dark Net, a parallel network that brings together a multitude of illegal activities. There are a few French forums where the subject is discussed, but no purchasing network per se. “I browsed the ten most important online stores, but they did not offer anything related to the French pass, only for the American. “

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