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‘Pray for us’ is now available for sale in its digital format, so it is curious to know that there is a deleted scene in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan participated. The film’s director, Evan Spiliotopoulos details the sequence.

As of today it is already available Pray for us in its digital format so you can see from wherever you want this horror movie that has already had its way on the billboard in Mexico. You can buy it through platforms such as iTunes, Cinépolis Klic, Amazon Prime Video, Claro Video and Google Play, as well as cable operators such as Izzi, Total Play and Megacable. To celebrate this, at SensaCine México we spoke with the film’s director, Evan Spiliotopoulos, who shared several curiosities, including the scene removed from the film cut.

It turns out that the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a sequence in which he offered to the memory of a person: “It breaks my heart, but there was a wonderful scene between Diogo Morgado, who plays Monsignor Delgarde, and the character of Jeffrey”, Evan confessed: “In order not to give so much detail, there is a character who dies and the two mentioned have a moment seated, drinking to the memory of the deceased. They have a conversation about faith and its nature and why Satan wants to corrupt it. We had to cut it because it slowed down the plot, as it would come in after a terrifying scene and then we would go to this wonderful but static conversation. “

In Mexico, the passage of the film in theaters was important, reaching the first place, something that took the filmmaker by surprise and he even confesses that thanks to this Pray for us could generate an economic profit: “I want to give a huge thank you to Mexico, because you made it a success. We were first place at the box office in Mexico for four continuous weeks. We beat Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong on equal terms. Frankly, this is why we were able to make a profit ”.

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Evan Spiliotopoulos, director of ‘Pray for us’.

On the other hand, Spiliotopoulos revealed a peculiar story, since the house he lived in belonged to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but the actor did not know: “The role was written for Jeffrey. I didn’t know him, but I have a curious connection to him. My previous house that I lived in for seven years I bought from Jeffrey. When we first spoke to Pray for us It was a video conference because he was shooting The Walking Dead, I took the camera from my computer and showed him where I was and he almost jumped out of his chair, he said: ‘that’s my house in Los Angeles’ “, Evan pointed out.

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Pray for us It is not conceived as a film that has a continuation, however, the director does not rule out the possibility of making it, although there is a problem with the characters: “There are always ideas. The joke with the sequel is that all the actors tell me they want to come back. It’s a problem because, I’m not taking anything for granted, but half the characters die in this movie, so I honestly tell you that I don’t know how to get them back. “

Finally, Evan Spiliotopoulos confessed the time it took them to create the demon of the film, María Elnor, who was played by Marina Mazepa: “The development of the costumes and the mask took about three or four months in pre-production. The casting from Marina it was very fast; she is a wonderful contortionist. ” The funny thing about this is that the actress came to the film thanks to social networks: “We auditioned with five or six actresses and I saw a video of Marina on Facebook in which she plays a crazy Catwoman, so I asked the studio to call her for an audition; she was the right person. Once we were on set it took about two hours to apply makeup each day. “

So now you know, Pray for us it is now available for sale on various digital platforms. As of June 24, the rental begins through Premium format, while on July 8 the tape can be rented in the services of Video on Demand.

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‘Pray for us’: Director reveals deleted scene – Movie News