Rachel McAdams, with new movie: “In a comedy you can’t hold back” – Tvshow – 06/29/2020

Comedy is something incredibly liberating for an interpreter, “the actress told EFE. Rachel McAdams, which in the parodic Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga Story which premiered on Netflix on Friday, unleashes its craziest and funniest side.

Although it can boast of highly deserving comedies such as Heavy girls (2004) the Game night (2018), intense roles have been a hallmark of McAdams (London, Canada, 1978), either with the romantic Diary of a passion (2004) or with the cloudy On the front page (2015) which earned him an Oscar nomination.

“In a comedy you can’t hold back,” he confessed. “It’s like a muscle that you start to exercise: you go to work every day, you know you are going to give it your all, you probably hit it a few times, and all of that is part of the comedy. I find it very, very liberating. “

So, placed to bet squarely on the laughter, nothing better than a movie about a show as ridiculous, exciting and unique as Eurovision.

McAdams is the co-star alongside Will Ferrell of Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, a film in which the actress is reunited with director David Dobkin after their collaboration in The Wedding Breakers (2005).

This comedy tells the story of Lars (Ferrell) and Sigrit (McAdams), two quite peculiar Icelanders who are inseparable friends and who dream of one day representing their icy little country in Eurovision.

But McAdams started with a small input problem: he knew almost nothing about Eurovision.

“Being Canadian, I kind of had no idea. And my first real experience was going as research last year to the Tel Aviv gala and being in that crowd, feeling the electricity of the place … And the electricity of Tel Aviv in general: all the Eurovision songs were playing on the radio, in cars, everyone had their favorite … “, he recalled.

“It is truly a great event that brings many people together,” he said.

“I’ve always admired him from afar,” he highlighted about his partner Will Ferrell, undoubtedly one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood.

“Of those who live now, I think it is the most fun. And he is also very calm, incredibly kind and affectionate. He made me feel very comfortable right away – he’s a very generous actor, “she added.

McAdams also shared what Ferrell told him in one of their first meetings so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

“’As long as 33% of what you do is fun, it works for me and you too.’ And I thought, ‘Well, if Will is happy with 33%, I think I can try that …’ ”he joked.

However, amid the jokes about how crazy and outlandish Eurovision can be, the film also tries to be a compliment to this contest.

“Our characters are crazy about Eurovision … It’s the crème de la crème of music competitions, the peak you can reach as an artist. So his love for Eurovision was very contagious, “he said.

McAdams is one of the great figures of Hollywood and for many it will forever be Allie, the girl in love with Diary of a passion, a recent classic. But it has also been in prestigious series (True Detective) and in important sagas like Sherlock Holmes of which, it is already known, there will be a third part in which their participation has already been announced.

And on top of that she is a very good comedian. In other words, a complete actress.


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Rachel McAdams, with new movie: “In a comedy you can’t hold back” – Tvshow – 06/29/2020