Red Hood’s Team Is Heading Towards Supervillain Civil War

As Red Hood’s Suicide Squad mission to hunt the Joker goes disastrously, he finds himself poised for a superhero showdown in the streets of Gotham.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2, on sale now from DC Comics.

As far as bad decisions go, Jason Todd deciding it was in his best interests to join the Suicide Squad is a particularly poorly thought out plan of action. Tasked by Amanda Waller to serve as her field commander for the latest iteration of Task Force X and hunt down the Joker in the streets of Gotham City, the unlikely job offer presented the chance for the Red Hood to finally get revenge on the man who murdered him all those years ago. However, the Clown Prince of Crime has always been one step ahead of those that would pursue him, even against the full might of the Suicide Squad.

And just when things go from bad to worse, Jason appears to be caught in the middle of two warring Suicide Squad factions as Gotham becomes a full-on war zone.

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Going off of some local intel from the Russian mob and Harley Quinn’s own intuition about the Joker, the Suicide Squad seemed poised to ambush the Joker at a shady nightclub in Gotham. Instead, the smiling supervillain turned the hunters into the hunted with an ambush of his own, and the Suicide Squad barely escaped with their lives. To make matters worse, the Joker broke into Amanda Waller’s home and brutally beat her to death, taking over the controls to the cranial bombs implanted in each of the Suicide Squad to ensure compliance under penalty of explosive of death. In a show of force, the Joker showed off his new toy by horrifically murdering Firefly and, in Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2 — by Brian Azzarello, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth and Jared K. Fletcher — the government decides to get things back under control by sending in a Suicide Squad of its own.

With the Joker now in control of the cranial bombs, Jason and the rest of Waller’s original Suicide Squad are forced to fall in line behind the Clown Prince of Crime’s reign, subjected to cruel humiliation and the knowledge that he could kill any of his new hostages with the mere flick of a switch. Rather than risk the Joker having his own private army, the government assembles a rival squad headed by Rick Flag, Peacemaker, Deathstroke and Deadshot to put down the compromised Suicide Squad and clean up this mess resulting from Waller’s supervillain hunt.

The ruthlessness of this Suicide Squad is immediately apparent as soon as their boots hit the ground in Gotham, with Jason’s team already enduring some bloody losses without the chance to explain themselves. Toyman is revealed to be an android, brutally snapping the neck of Jason’s resident teleporter, Yonder, before exploding, while Silver Banshee is mercilessly shot out of the sky in a hail of machine gun fire as the second Suicide Squad bears down on their predecessors, clearly eager to shoot first and not bother asking questions at all.

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Suicide Squad Get Joker

Red Hood and the surviving members of his Suicide Squad are now effectively in between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they have a new Task Force X gunning for them to ensure the Joker doesn’t unleash them upon the world. The Joker is right behind them, as they struggle to keep the box out of his hands having recovered it in a desperate play. Jason and his teammates are going to have to evade this new Squad if they want to live another day, with more firepower than ever hot on their heels.

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