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Season 6 of Lucifer premieres on September 10, 2021, much earlier than fans expected. So the question is: Where is season 6 of Lucifer after that script twist from the end of the second part of season 5? Besides, I want to say, to tell us more about Ella’s novel, that I need to know what happens to the story she is writing in her spare time (as a therapy?). This character has left us halfway through the adventures of his detective-medium, and that cannot remain just like that. Straight to the point. The first thing to remember before you start talking about season 6 is that season 5 had to have been the last. It was a perfect ending: God (Dennys Haysbert, not Neil Gaiman, creator of the main character, who is the one who gives him the voice in previous seasons) is retiring, he wants to apologize to his children (not human beings, but his children -children, Samael and Mikael) and needs a substitute; Lucifer (Tom Ellis) becomes the new God after becoming a true human being (which makes perfect sense: only when he is able to truly love someone else, above him, is he free); and in between dies one of the secondary characters that all fans like in a death that he has, to vary in a television fiction (with the exception of the end of WandaVision), all the way. It is perfect!

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They could have left us like this and such friends. And twenty years later they had held a Reunion, like the one in Friends, or even a new season could have been planned six years later in plan Dexter O CSI Las Vegas. Why not? However, when landing on Netflix, the series that had already packed its bags to never return, received the green light for a sixth and final season of ten episodes. The truth is that at the end of season 5 they got into a good mess: how is God going to get now to investigate crimes or help the Los Angeles police? There is only one way out. At least to close the matter between Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer, which is what the series is about at the end. Or so we believe in the cave overlooking Esquire.

Lucifer Season 6: Trailer

The trailer for the final season of Lucifer is here and it has left us with our mouths open. It begins with Lucifer and Chloe Decker being questioned as witnesses to a murder. Of course, Detective Corbett is more than confused with the situation of a Lucifer who tries to clarify that he was the devil before but that he is now God, just not yet. Then Amenadiel appears to encourage Lucifer to occupy his father’s throne. Decker, however, advises you to wait a little longer. In the next clip, we see Lucifer with his therapist, Linda Martin. There is also a new angel named Rory (played by a Brianna Hildebrand we saw in ‘Deadpool’) whose mission is to “destroy Lucifer.” “All bad things must come to an end” ends up saying the advance. The problem is that also the good ones, including ‘Lucifer’.

Lucifer Season 6: Plot

Lucifer has grown up, you understand me. For that reason he has become the new God. But of course, wasn’t this supposed to be a love story? The character has changed a lot. Amenadiel says it in the second part of season 5 (“You have changed, little brother. You are no longer the same”), and it is seen in the last episode. So Lucifer, character, has grown up, is different and is no longer the way it was. It cannot be. And where does that leave Chloe? There are only two ways out: either Lucifer leaves office and hands it over to Amenadiel or Chloe and he break up once and for all. That there is a rebellion in heaven to drive out Lucifer does not make sense, because it would be a dizzy. The logical thing would be for God to retire, that for something he is God, but Lucifer for whatever it was he would not want and would have to be convinced. In addition, the showrunners have already confirmed that the character of Miguel returns and that he will not be, far from it, the villain of the season. In fact, she’s not going to be a villain (assuming she’s not being sneaked up on us). What will Miguel have learned?

The key to the end of the series is this: What happens at the end of season 5 was raised as the end of the series and seeing that there were not going to be more seasons they decided to rush it. When they had it ready, the announcement of the renewal for a sixth and final season arrived. When the ladies and gentlemen of Netflix asked showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich if they had another season in the pipeline if they let them – after being told no – they were hesitant at first, but quickly saw that it was a challenge. Especially if they didn’t touch the end of season 5.

Netflix has announced that in season 6 there will be two new characters: Sonya, a policewoman who makes friends with Amenadiel (we do not know how), who will play the actress Merrin Dunge and a rebel angel, who will play Brianna Hildebrand. How these characters will help move the story forward is obviously anyone’s guess.

Lucifer Season 6: Release Date

Season 6 premieres on Netflix on September 10. The last season began filming in October 2020 and was finished shooting at the end of March 2021, which made it clear that it could perfectly debut on the starting grid at the end of 2021, for Christmas. Everything depended on the rest of the series with which I had to compete at the end of the year (among them, season 4 of Cobra Kai, another series of obsessive-compulsive consumption like Lucifer). In the end Netflix has wanted to bet heavily on the ‘back to school’. If school is like the first poster Netflix has shared last season, we will sit in the front row.


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Release date, plot, trailer