Releases October 2019: Amazon, Filmin and Sky

With October just around the corner, it’s time to get to know the news that the main streaming services in Spain bring us. In these days we have known the premieres of Netflix and Movistar, so today we have to know those of Amazon Prime Video, Filmin and Sky.

From Amazon, comes the second season of ‘The Purge’, the television spin-off of the Blumhouse franchise. Filmin, meanwhile, gives us an opportunity to re-see a whole cult film in terms of time travel: ‘Primer’.

New movies and series on Amazon Prime Video

‘The Purge’ Temporada 2

Season 2 of the television spin-off of the Night of the Beasts saga is here. In these new episodes, the production moves away from precisely what characterizes the film franchise to show us what happens during the rest of the year and if “what happens in the purge stays in the purge”. Derek Luke, Max Martini, Paola Nuñez and Joel Allen star, among others, in this new installment of twelve episodes. If you have doubts, we leave you the guide in what order to watch the films and series of the La Purga saga.

‘Pacific Rim: Insurrection’

Sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s science fiction and kaijus franchise in which the director’s vision is somewhat missed. This time we jump ten years into the future when the planet is once again besieged by the kaiju. Steven S. DeKnight dirige.

Everything coming to Amazon in October

Upcoming releases on Filmin


Shane Carruth directs what is one of the most acclaimed time travel films of the century. At least at the time it was the “movie to see”. The story follows two friends who by chance discover how to travel through time.


With a touch of fantasy and supernatural horror, Joachim Trier immerses us in the story of a young girl (Eilie Harbor) who manifests certain powers that can cause real damage.

  • In Filmin on October 18

Everything coming to Filmin in October

  • ‘Let yourself go’ (1/10)
  • ‘Things of the age’ (1/10)
  • ‘Lucky’ (1/10)
  • ‘Blessed madness’ (1/10)
  • ‘Heavy Trip’ (1/10)
  • ‘Primer’ (1/10)
  • ‘The look of Orson Welles’ (1/10)
  • ‘Someone’s Daughter’ (1/10)
  • ‘Stroszek’ (2/10)
  • ‘Woyzeck’ (2/10)
  • ‘Crystal Crown’ (2/10)
  • ‘The enigma of Gaspar Hauser’ (2/10)
  • ‘The dwarves also started small’ (2/10)
  • ‘Fata Morgana’ (2/10)
  • ‘Crazy Mama’ (2/10)
  • ‘The Tobacco Seller’ (2/10)
  • ‘Inuyashiki’ (3/10)
  • ‘We need your vote’ (3/10)
  • ‘The wild pear tree’ (4/10)
  • ‘Krisha’ (4/10)
  • ‘Black soul’ (4/10)
  • ‘Before the burning’ (4/10)
  • ‘Songs of a revolution’ (5/10)
  • ‘The Quiet Roar’ (6/10)
  • ‘522. A cat, a Chinese and my father ‘(7/10)
  • ‘Invisible heroes’ (8/10)
  • ‘From Nowhere’ (8/10)
  • ‘The library of rejected books’ (8/10)
  • ‘Obsesión (Obsession)’ (9/10)
  • ‘Barcelona, ​​neutral city’ (9/10)
  • ‘Salaó’ (9/10)
  • ‘Los bando’ (10/10)
  • ‘In the 90s’ (11/10)
  • ‘Hanna K.’ (14/10)
  • ‘Family Council’ (10/14)
  • ‘State of Siege’ (10/14)
  • ‘Indian Horse’ (14/10)
  • ‘The rails of crime’ (10/14)
  • ‘There is a man left over’ (10/14)
  • ‘A singular woman’ (10/14)
  • ‘The Little Apocalypse’ (10/14)
  • ‘A Silent Voice’ (15/10)
  • ‘Understanding Ingmar Bergman’ (15/10)
  • ‘The Cleptocrats’ (16/10)
  • ‘The secret of the bees’ (16/10)
  • ‘Josie’ (17/10)
  • ‘Dancing life’ (10/18)
  • ‘Thelma’ (18/10)
  • ‘Black eyes’ (10/18)
  • ‘Dirty in a good way’ (10/18)
  • ‘The days to come’ (23/10)
  • ‘A brilliant reason’ (10/24)
  • ‘An inner sun’ (10/27)
  • ‘Diego Maradona’ (10/31)

Sky: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Catherine the great’

Co-production between Sky and HBO, Helen Mirren takes the role of one of the most famous European monarchs. From Sky they promise us a great cocktail of “Political conspiracies, lust and power in Imperial Russia of 1762“And, judging by the trailer, not something else … but it has an exemplary setting.

Other premieres of Sky

  • ‘House’ T1-8 (1/10)
  • ‘Catherine the great’ (3/10)
  • ‘Imposters’ (14/10)
  • ‘The Slap’ (23/10)

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Releases October 2019: Amazon, Filmin and Sky