Review | ‘Malignant’ (Malignant)

After her husband is murdered and her baby is lost, Maddison begins to have visions of brutal murders. She will soon realize that these are related to her past that she does not remember and must find the person responsible before these crimes are attributed to her.

After a few years of getting into action movies and superheroes, James Wan | returns to terror, but without the franchise restrictions and ratings like those of the universe of The spell. With Evil one, the director creatively unleashes himself in every sense, from the narrative, the violence, and especially the visual style.

And that is why I have to start this review as a warning, for those who think that when entering to see Evil one they will find a solemn horror film that takes itself seriously, it is not, because what Wan has built with is a very conscious madness of the absurdity that it reaches. And that he does not get there involuntarily, but that was always his intention.

The tone of Evil one Perhaps it is more similar to giallo, a horror subgenre created in Italy that focuses mainly on aesthetics and that is exactly what Wan does, no matter how ridiculous the scenes are, he delivers them with such visual mastery that it is impossible to resist his charm. If you want scares, it has them, if you want violence, it has it in large quantities, if you want laughs, you will have them with their weird plot and ridiculous twists, action? even of that there is a little. All these elements are covered in a layer of wide, dirty and emaciated spaces, illuminated with neon lights that make these places feel out of this world, plus they have camera assistance that never, never stays still.

Evil one It has something for everyone, however those who are not familiar with its style, or who are not so open to the idea of ​​seeing a different horror movie and not intended to be ‘good’ then will not enjoy it.

But what would be of Evil one if it weren’t in Wan’s hands? It is clear that the reason why the film works is because it is made with precision, however I do not think that this would be enough if the filmmaker was not as passionate about this project as he is about his filmography in general, it even seems that there was never had so much affection for one of his films. It is really to admire what James Wan | has achieved with Maligno.


Título Original: Malignant
Direction: James Wan
Screenplay: Akela Cooper
Elenco: Anabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young, Michole Briana White, Jean Louisa Kelly, Susanna Thompson, Jake Abel, Jacqueline McKenzie, Christian Clemenson, Ingrid Bisu, Madison Wolfe y McKenna Grace

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Review | ‘Malignant’ (Malignant)