Robbie Amell in Batman Beyond and New Superheroes

During Salt Lake Comic Con in 2015, Robbie Amell, known for playing Deathstorm and Ronnie Raymond’s version of Firestorm in the Arrowverse, expressed great interest in playing Terry McGinnis in a movie from Batman Beyond. Although the actor seemed skeptical that Warner Bros. would produce a live-action Batman movie Beyond When he was still young enough to play Terry, it was clear that he and his fans loved the idea.

Of course, Amell is far from the only star who openly expresses an interest in playing a specific superhero. Many celebrities have come forward as disguised advocates for justice before, and some have made impressive efforts to try and land the role.

10 Robbie Amell como Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond

Besides saying that he would love to participate in a movie of Batman Beyond, Amell also shared some ideas on how he thinks the movie should be made. Noting how much the special effects had improved by then, he argued that making a Terry adventure movie would only have to cost about $ 30 million, which is pretty cheap by Hollywood standards. Given that five years have passed since Amell’s comments, the visual effects have likely improved even more, which means that a movie directed by Amell Beyond it would probably cost even less for Warner Bros.

9 Angie Harmon como She-HulkAngie Harmon She Hulk

Harmon of fame Rizzoli & Isles has technically played a superhero in the past, albeit a retired one, having voiced Detective Barbara Gordon in Batman Beyond: The return of the Joker. He has yet to play a superhero in action, although one he has repeatedly expressed his interest in over the years has been She-Hulk. Harmon even posted Tweets of herself dressed as the Halloween character in 2017.

While the star of the upcoming Disney + series, She-Hulk, has yet to be announced, She-Hulk’s alter ego Jennifer Walters gets along with Harmon’s acclaimed role in the past as Abbie Carmichael de Law & Order, who was also a lawyer.

8 Jennifer Aniston as Wonder Woman

As one of the stars of the popular comedy Friends, Jennifer Aniston is still one of the most famous actresses in the world. While Rachel Greene will always be one of her most memorable roles, Aniston revealed backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards that she had longed to play Wonder Woman, but, in her words, “waited too long” to land the role. .

Interestingly, someone much closer to the character has also expressed interest in being Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot’s eight-year-old daughter Alma Varsano, who wants to inherit her mother’s mantle when she’s old enough to play the character.

7 Janelle MonΓ‘e As a Storm

The award-winning music and film performer has deemed playing the X-Men’s Mistress of the Elements her dream, and has even suggested the inclusion of Storm in a sequel to Black Panther for the cast members of the first film to meet in Atlanta.

For Ororo Munroe to appear in a movie with T’Challa would make sense, as the two were married once and have had feelings for each other since childhood. Alternatively, MonΓ‘e could debut as Storm when the X-Men are introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although that may still be a long way off.

6 Michael Jai White as Green Lantern

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John Stewart is one of the most requested roles I get from fans. I very much appreciate the support and would gladly welcome the idea of ​​joining the Green Lantern Corps if given the opportunity. Thanks @ breno10moreira for this interpretation of John Stewart x Vixen that introduces me as John Stewart and my wife @iamgillianwhite as Vixen! #DC #GreenLantern #DCComics #ComicBooks #DCFilms #Film #Comics #Vixen #FanArt #FanArtMonday #FAM #powercouple #superheroes

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Amell isn’t the only Arrowverse actor who wants to play more superheroes. Michael Jai White, who plays Bronze Tiger and is known for his performance in movies and television shows such as Black Dynamite, has said on Instagram that he would also want to play John Stewart for his fans.

White has previously played with John Stewart, voicing Green Lantern in the video game. Justice League Heroes, written by comic book and television legend Dwayne McDuffie. If White ever played Stewart, it would be his third live-action superhero role, as he is famous for starring as Al Simmons in the film. Spawn live action.

5 Katheryn Winnick como Black Canary

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Many requested it, so here’s a quick @KatherynWinnick Black Canary #SuitUp

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Before Birds of Prey cast Jurnee Smollett-Bell, one star who mentioned that she would love to play Black Canary was Katheryn Winnick, stating on Twitter that “I was looking forward to trying Canary Cry … I have my version for the owner;)”.

Winnick didn’t stop there, however, sharing ten days later a BossLogic fan art piece depicting herself on paper, with Dinah’s signature motorcycle. A martial artist since childhood, Winnick is no stranger to action roles, having played the squire and queen Lagertha of Scandinavian legend in Vikings, making Black Canary a perfect fit for her skill set.

4 Keanu Reeves as Wolverine

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30 minute quick edit for today. Keanu Reeves as #Wolverine I know Keanu Reeves looks nothing like Wolverine but Keanu Reeves is a gift to the human race. I agree with whatever he does, like it or not πŸ˜‚ #keanureeves #wolverine

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In many ways, Neo was a kind of analog of Superman in the trilogy of The Matrix, and Link even called the character’s flight ability “his Superman thing.” However, there is one superhero that Keanu Reeves really wants to play, that’s X-Men resident Plover Head Wolverine, whom Reeves looked up to as a child.

With Hugh Jackman no longer playing the character, someone new will inevitably be cast as Logan. However, Reeves may have competition in the form of the actor of The Walking Dead Tom Payne, who feels that his shorter stature would make him more like Wolverine in the comics.

3 Ryan Potter como Robin

The star of Big Hero 6 Ryan Potter, who played the central character in the film and television series, Hiro Hamada, has said that he would love the role of the DC Extended Universe version of Wonder Boy. Although a Robin has been confirmed dead in the DCEU, his identity is somewhat murky, with Zack Snyder claiming it was Dick Grayson, but David Ayers claiming it was Jason Todd.

Potter has made it clear that he wants to play Tim Drake, however, and even tweeted Ben Affleck a Tim Drake concept match he filmed that showcased the actor’s martial arts prowess.

2 Isaiah Mustafa as a man of power

Undoubtedly one of Old Spice’s most famous spokesmen, Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell,” had a keen eye for the role of Luke Cage before Marvel had reacquired the movie rights to the character. In 2011, the actor and former footballer released a fan trailer starring himself as the man with the unbreakable skin that gained considerable traction.

Although Mustafa did not land the role, the trailer predicted the tone of the actual series of Luke Cage that Marvel Studios produced with Netflix, only with Mike Colter in the title role.

1 Nicolas Cage as Superman

Nicolas Cage’s love for comics is no secret, and the actor has already played several superheroes in the past, the most famous of which is Ghost Rider. However, Cage is also a huge Superman fan, he even had Action Comics # 1 in his possession at any given time.

Cage almost played Man of Steel in Lives of Superman by Tim Burton, who would have adapted the saga The Death and Return of Superman. Although it was never made, a documentary was finally released detailing its complicated production and showing Cage in disguise. The actor finally got a chance to play Superman in Teen Titans Go! To the movies, albeit in animated form.

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Robbie Amell in Batman Beyond and New Superheroes