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It looks like a replicant. Ryan Gosling could be a fruit of Hollywood bioengineering, like the ones that populate the futurism of his next film, Blade Runner 2049, because naturally it is impossible to be so perfect. The 36-year-old Canadian actor shows his flawless image even when his beard is not perfectly shaved. In the industry they want him for a broken and a ripped, now defending his second Oscar nomination with The city of stars. La La Land tapped. He has many possibilities of winning, of becoming the king of musicals that he has always liked so much, although there is room for comedies in his career (Crazy, Stupid Love), dramas (Noa’s diary) or movies indies respected as Drive O Blue Valentine. In his house a chaos that he adores awaits him, where the only male who defends him is his dog George in a matriarchy where Eva Mendes rules and her daughters, Amanda and Esmeralda, are two demonized angels.

In person Gosling has only one word to define that image of perfection: “Lucky. I’m a lucky guy. ” This is what the most desired man of the moment looks like.

From left to right: Tate Lynche, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Nita Booth, TJ Fantini, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, in the early ’90s on’ The Mickey Mouse Club ‘.cordon press

He does not lose his smile and he does not have to. Things couldn’t be better for him. A mischievous smile with which he teases those who take him seriously. Also with which he has learned to handle himself in public since he was a child, when he went with his mother to Los Angeles to try his luck. Then it wasn’t the city of stars showing La La Land. “I was a child and my first home in Los Angeles was the sofa in the director’s house with which I worked,” he told this newspaper.

He doesn’t regret anything. Not even the looks he had when he met Justin Timberlake, friends from his teens when they both began to make fame on the variety show known as The Mickey Mouse Club and where along with Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera were the mouseketeers. It’s ironic that Gosling and Timberlake are still united on the same adventure, now part of the same Oscar promotion. But as the actor claims, they are all children of La La Land, “Of the importance of following your dream despite obstacles”.

Artist family

Ryan Gosling and his partner, actress Eva Mendes, in 2014.
Ryan Gosling and his partner, actress Eva Mendes, in 2014.cordon press

There he leaves the comparisons with his character. Gosling claims that the jazz pianist who plays in The city of stars he is too purist, that he tries less. It is not what those around him say and have seen him prepare for three months to be able to play the piano with the necessary agility. Or to dance as if to take flight. It runs in the family, he says. “My father was a musician,” he remembers someone who did it for hobby. “My sister has always wanted to dedicate herself to the world of musical theater and my uncle was an Elvis Presley impersonator, the great Elvis Perry, who shed tears singing Suspicious Minds. It is true that I have never started dancing at sunset, but I do not rule it out “.

With that same mischief, he has won the affection of Sandra Bullock or Rachel McAdams, some of the women in his life. But since Crossroad joined them six years ago, their world revolves around the also actress Eva Mendes. They are a most discreet couple, although the overflowing illusion of their victory at the Golden Globes made him throw everything away and dedicate his award to the woman who had made possible one of the best experiences of his life. “For you and my daughters,” he added exultantly before also dedicating the statuette to Mendes’ brother, who recently died of cancer.

You can’t be more of a gentleman. A discreet extrovert who says he wants to slow down, stop being himself for a while so that he can continue to grow as an actor, as a father, as an artist and as a person. He can’t because Hollywood keeps knocking on his door. While he wants to take a break from himself, everyone wants to be like Ryan Gosling.

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Ryan Gosling, the perfect Hollywood boy | Style