Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton: What’s true in the dating rumors between the ‘Outlander’ leads this summer? – Series news

Those in charge of playing Jamie and Brianna Fraser in the Starz romance series starred in a social media post that led to much speculation that they were a couple in real life.

While in front of the cameras of Outlander the star couple among the fans is the one formed by Claire and Jamie, it seems that behind them some followers of the romantic Starz series have been ‘shipping’ the male protagonist of the story, Sam Heughan, with the one in charge of giving life to his biological daughter, Brianna, Sophie Skelton. The ‘shippeo’ has reached its peak this summer, when at the end of June the interpreter published a video on his Instagram account with Heughan in which many saw a special chemistry and behavior that could be considered “couple”.

In the video in question Sophie Skelton and Sam Heughan appear on a motorcycle and share some funny gestures. That’s it but it seems like Many of the actress’s followers realized at that very moment that those in charge of giving life to father and daughter in fiction made a beautiful couple in real life. The comments began to multiply when the Scottish interpreter repeated the publication on his personal account, with a funny message to his co-star.

“It would be great if they were together”, “Let’s not rule out that they are” or “They are dating, goodbye to my dream of marrying Sam” are some of the reactions that can be read among the countless comments. In addition, the number of reproductions of the video is much higher than the average of other similar publications.

About the dating rumors between the actors that emerged in summer, the magazine would come to echo Hello! Magazine, which collected some of the fans’ reactions and turned the ‘ship’ into “news.” Nevertheless, What is real in the speculations of the fans about the relationship between the protagonists of Outlander?

Although some have been in charge of giving it a few laps and pointing out that the interpreters had coincided in too many places and that not everything could be a mere coincidence, the truth is that it makes sense that they share time together, taking into account that they are important characters in it. series and They meet constantly during filming, meetings, and other events and engagements. Regarding their relationship, it is clear that they get along great, but Heughan also has a relationship that brims with chemistry with Caitriona Balfe and we know that she is happily married and that there is nothing more between them than a beautiful friendship. Similarly, rubbing makes love, and Sophie Skelton and Sam Heughan are probably just great companions and friends.

Of which there is no doubt is that, if there was something between them, we would take a long time to find out since Heughan is known for being scrupulously careful and reserved with everything that has to do with his private life. Even what it seems he is currently single, but the truth is that when he has been in relationships, the news has taken a long time to come to light or it has simply not been known. Similarly, it seems that Skelton is not currently in a relationship, which has led to “make possible” their courtship in the hopes of some fans, although that does not mean that it is real.

What is real is that Outlander It will premiere its season 6 in early 2022 and that Starz has already confirmed the production of a seventh season.

Let’s review below some pairs of actors that fans wanted to see together but who, to the disappointment of some, are just great friends.

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Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton: What’s true in the dating rumors between the ‘Outlander’ leads this summer? – Series news