Samuel L. Jackson will receive the Oscar of Honor in 2022

Just a few months after the celebration of the Oscar Awards gala, somewhat atypical this year as it could not be otherwise, they are already shaping up and knowing details of what will be the next year’s ceremony one of the most prestigious international awards in the world of celluloid. And among them the names of the Honorary Oscar of 2022. A recognition that will go to Samuel L. Jackson, Elaine May and Liv Ullmann.

These somewhat special prizes, you do not have to wait for the envelope to be opened to meet the winner, they are also known as the Governor’s Awards and they represent a recognition of the professional career of everyone who receives it in such an important act. It also so happens that none of the three who will receive it in the 2022 edition have ever won the coveted golden statuette.

The ceremony

Will be next January 15 when these honorary accolades are presented at a ceremony at the Ray Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood. Awards that were canceled during the pandemic and are now making a comeback. The last time they were awarded was in 2019 and went to directors David Lynch and Lina Wertmuller and actors Wes Studi (known for his role in The last Mohican), and Geena Davis.

Now it’s the turn of Samuel L. Jackson, Elaine May and Liv Ullmann Of which the president of the Academy, David Rubin, has already said that they are three honorees who have had an important impact both in the world of cinema and in society.

Samuel L. Jackson

Of the winners, this name is the least unknown to the general public; especially for lovers of the best cinema of Quentin Tarantino. In addition, he has participated in numerous large productions in the case of Marvel films in the role of Nick Fury, as well as in the series of Star Wars interpret al jedi Mace Windu.

Interpretations that he has combined with other titles to remember such as The protégé, Out of control O Time to kill among many others. Despite never winning an Oscar Award in his career, he has received a nomination; the same as for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. What he has taken home is a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor.

70s Hollywood icon

Her name may not say anything to younger readers, but Elaine May has become one of the figures feminine of the most important North American industry of all time. A name that will always remain linked to the world of celluloid as she is the only woman who in the 70s directed movies in Hollywood giving life to outstanding films such as Green heart.

But her career began to take shape much earlier, in the 1950s. At that time May began working with Mike Nichols and together they began to write and perform their own sketches comedy, which became very popular with critics and audiences.After a few years acting, he decided to dedicate himself fully to the writing of scripts for which he has won two Oscar nominations for The sky can wait and Primary colors; as well as her work as a director with titles such as A New Leaf, The Heartbreak Kid y Mikey y Nicky.

The museum of Ingmar Bergman

The second of the women who will be awarded next January will be Liv Ullmann, actress and director, whom many will remember for being the musa by Ingmar Bergman and star in nine of the acclaimed director’s works. A relationship that went beyond the purely professional as it was his sentimental partner and father of his daughter, the writer Linn Ullmann.

A living legend of cinema thanks to his performances in films such as Person, Secrets of a marriage, Face to face, Autumn Sonata O Screams and whispers.

Danny Glover

Along with the list of winners at the Governor’s Awards, the name of the actor must be mentioned Danny Glover who rose to fame as Mel Gibson’s interpretive partner in the series Lethal weapon. His are also performances in movies like Escape from Alcatraz, Sole Witness, The Color Purple or Mandela.

Danny Glover with Mel Gibson in ‘Lethal Weapon’ / WARNER BROS

A job in front of the cameras that has also allowed him to use his voice tirelessly human rights activist and collaborating for years with institutions like Unicef. A solidarity work that has not gone unnoticed by the Academy that that same January 15 will grant the Jean Hersholt award for his humanitarian work, thus adding to that of the other three honorifics.

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Samuel L. Jackson will receive the Oscar of Honor in 2022