Björk: Their highest wish – beat out the old bully

When they finally released Tom Brady, the arena seemed to be raking in for the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.

But the happiness was short-lived. Bill’s worst bully Bill Belichick quickly built a new team machine.

Now Bill’s playoff spot is threatened, and tonight they meet their old enemy Brady again.

Buffalo Bills got a miserable season on himself to enjoy the fact that the quarterback legend Tom Brady gone their separate ways with their parent club New England Patriots and left AFC East. The Patriots were down for the count and the division’s throne was open for the next team.

The Bills certainly had hopes that this was the start of what would be a new era in the AFC East where the Patriots had a monopoly on the favorite for the past 20 years.

Bill Belichick had other plans.

Buffalo Bill’s playoff spot is under threat.

The New England team did as the New England team does when they have a head coach named Belichick, namely to start over and build a team with seemingly unknown players as well as a couple of proven free agents. After only one “sabbatical year”, they were again one of the best teams in the league.

Had a hard time protecting his QB

Buffalo had its first of two division meetings against New England last Sunday and was defeated at a cold and windy Highmark Stadium, and thus see the Patriots take an even firmer grip on the division.

There is a lot of football left to play during the basic season, the room for mistakes is now small when it comes to Bill’s continued games.

Tom Brady, to whom the Buffalo team and associated fans happily waved goodbye before the 2020 season, tonight represents the upcoming challenge in Bill’s journey towards the playoffs.

Historically, the Bills have gone on the pump against Brady teams and won only 3 of 35 meetings. Tonight, however, is the first time Bills meets Brady in a Bucs uniform. Bills sits inside the league’s highest ranked pass defense and Brady steers the Buccaneers’ league-leading pass attack.

Both teams are in great need of winning tonight’s clash, Bills to keep the playoff dream alive and the Buccaneers in an attempt to take a step closer to the highest seeding in the NFC conference.

Before the season, the Bills were a strong favorite to represent the AFC in the upcoming Super Bowl. However, the team has not found the same magic in the attack as they had last year and had great problems being consistent in their game.

In the last eight weeks, the team has not managed to stack wins in the same way as before and they have also had a hard time protecting their QB Josh Allen.

Tampa Bay and Tom Brady meet the Buffalo Bills tonight.

That is the Bills fans’ highest wish

Allen, now in his fourth year in the league, was criticized early in his career for being careless with the ball. A criticism that for a while disappeared with the team’s success. Now in week 14 it is back then made itself responsible for 12 (ten interceptions and 2 fumbles) lost ball possession.

In my eyes, he has grown incredibly in the role of Bill’s game distributor and in his handling of the ball. What is not as clear in the statistics is that he has not received the same protection from his offensive line as last year.

The figures, however, gossip that he has been pressed in the passport pocket a full 5 percent more often than last year, and that he on average gets 0.2 seconds less time to fit. May seem like small margins, but oh so important in a team whose main weapon is through the air.

Allen is Bill’s future and together with HC Sean McDermott they look to continue to be a team built for the future.

Bill’s near future is exciting to say the least, as in addition to tonight’s visit to Raymond James Stadium, they also have a meeting left with division rival New England Patriots.

I guess the Bills fans’ biggest wish would be to beat their old bully Patriots in the AFC conference playoffs, to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.


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Björk: Their highest wish – beat out the old bully

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