Eden Hazard on the way out? In Spain, two visions are opposed!

As we explained to you recently, Eden Hazard is at an impasse at Real. If injuries have slowed his progress, it is now the explosion of Vinicius Jr which blocks number 7. According to our colleagues at ABS, Real Madrid “put Hazard on the market”.

“A club like Real Madrid can wait for a star for a year or two. But if after the third year it still doesn’t work, it can’t continue like this.”, specifies the media. “His situation contrasts with his huge salary. Indeed, with Bale, he is the highest in the workforce and he comes in at 12 million euros net per season. Not to mention his bonuses and his release clause which amounts to 300 million. “

For ABS, a departure is the only solution. “In this complicated situation, his role as a star is fading. And Real are clearly placing him in the market. Because if the player wants to leave in two months in order to find a team where he receives more consideration, the White House is not ‘will not oppose it. Ancelotti has shown him that he is the bottom of the line which means he is transferable. This third season was decisive for him to make a decision on his future and his performances reveal that he cannot continue like this at Real Madrid. He knows that himself. “

The question is above all to know where Eden Hazard will be able to bounce back? “Eden, as they all call him in Madrid, needs to be an essential protagonist of his team. He needs to lead the attack. Once he’s not important in his team, like that. is the case now, he is not playing well. In England he was a leader. But at Real he is not. He wants a place where he will be number one in attack. Like in England during his heyday “, concludes the paper published on Monday.

Marca, another tune

Fortunately, not all media agree on this version. This considerably blurs the lines about a possible departure. This Monday, Marca, a daily very close to Real and therefore more credible, announces that Hazard “would like to be patient: there is no concrete plan to leave Madrid this winter”, headlines the newspaper.

“Carlo Ancelotti’s sentence put the question on the table. But the option to leave is not currently in the player’s mind.” Our colleagues are even sweeping a track mentioned across the Channel. “In England, it is claimed that Newcastle would be interested in acquiring his services. After being acquired by the new owner, Hazard would strike a big blow on the table. But no contact was made and the player is not interested in this project. For now his aim is to play for Real Madrid. “

Above all, the good news is that his relationship with Ancelotti is not bad despite the limited playing time he has. “The Belgian knows he has no choice but to be patient and to work.” Even if he is not satisfied with his current fate. Which is pretty good news. “Certainly he is unhappy with his situation at Real Madrid. And he knows he is not living up to expectations. But he wants to change this trend and return to Madrid some of the heavy investment the club has made in him. Right now the statistics are bad, with five goals since his arrival. But the player thinks he only needs a click to become himself again and break down the doors of the team. “

Against the Shakhtar, he hopes to enter the eleven. “With Rodrygo injured and Asensio far from his best, he’s hoping for a boost from Ancelotti, even if it’s on the right. And if not, in the worst case, take more advantage of these last seven minutes of play that he offers to him lately “, concludes the newspaper.

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Eden Hazard on the way out? In Spain, two visions are opposed!

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