Is José Mourinho still really special?

His nickname Special One has been thrown in the trash for several seasons already. He is not about to find him … Arrived this summer at AS Roma, José Mourinho had been warmly welcomed by the tifosi giallorossi. The former Spurs coach moved to the Eternal City with the status of top coach.

But his record does not really plead for him today … 25 points out of 48 possible. With one game less, Roma welcome La Spezia tonight (8:45 p.m.) from 8th place in the standings, 15 lengths behind the leader, Inter Milan.

In Rome, another important element is cringe. The Roman club has a meager record, 1 point out of 15, against the big Italian teams. José Mourinho’s team have lost four of their five encounters to direct competitors for the race for Europe: Lazio (3-2), Juve (1-0), Milan (1-2) and Inter (0-3). Are his elements enough to judge Mourinho’s work at AS Roma? Not really.

Roma outside the top 4

The Roman club is simply no longer a big engine of the Italian championship. Orphan of Edin Dzeko left for Inter, the Louve has a workforce devoid of big stars, unlike other transalpine formations.

In addition, all the top 4 clubs have bet on stability for a few years. Conversely, Roma have changed coaches four times since 2017. The club are lagging behind their rivals who are fighting for Europe. It is therefore difficult to compare them: José Mourinho’s mission is not obvious. He must rebuild from scratch.

“We need time and I doference at the workforce, the mentality and all the sports structures around the team “, observes Thiago Pinto, sports director of Roma. “We are not going not make a team emerge instantly and this is certainly not the time to question the project, the strategy and even less the leadership of Mourinho. »

Team management to review

If José Mourinho has extenuating circumstances to explain this mixed record, he is not exempt from all reproach so far. After starting the season on a 9/9 in the league, the Romans are blowing hot and cold. And this irregularity that annoys the Portuguese coach. But on October 21, José Mourinho began a crisis during a meeting in the Conference League against the Norwegian club Bodo Glimt.

The reason ? A scathing 6-1 defeat. Furious, José Mourinho leaves a press conference assumes his responsibilities but also points to the lack of quality of his players. ” If I could still play with the mêmy, I would. VSis a big risk, there is a big difference in quality between a group of players and another group, I havecidé thatat this stage he was right to make those changes. I know some of us have limits, it’s not new, but I expected at another answer. The responsibility is mine. »

This media release has ignited the powder. The Portuguese coach has further divided and weakened his locker room instead of strengthening it. After this declaration, the Roman club skated in the championship. He took only 4 points out of 12, with a loss to the promoted Venice in the process. Since then, Roma have taken six points in four games, but one of which has lost twice in a row, to Bologna (1-0) and Inter (0-3).

After half a season in Italy, Mou’s record is mixed. It is therefore difficult to speak of success or failure, for the moment. He has six months left to prove to the AS Roma tifosi that he deserved his warm welcome.

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Is José Mourinho still really special?

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