Rosa Perrotta became a mother bis: Mario Achille was born

November 9 seemed like any other day, with Rosa petting her belly and playing with Ethan at the doctor. Then a few hours of social vacuum. Pietro thought about filling them with social stories directly from the hospital, a sign that the big moment was imminent.

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Also through Instagram, Perrotta told followers that she experienced a few moments of fear. Without going into too much detail, he explained: “The birth went well, the operation went well … we had a little problem with Mario Achille who was kept under observation, they keep him in the incubator for a while because he had some small difficulties in adapting after childbirth “.

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They were difficult moments for Rosa and Pietro to deal with, but everything worked out for the best as the social shots also show. Mom and dad hug each other with the baby in their arms. “I am grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to look, for the second time, happiness straight in the eye, your little black and curious little eyes. You scared us for a moment, but everything went well” she wrote the influencer. “From today, together with your little brother, you will always be the reason for my life. 9/11/21 welcome to the world of Mario Achille”.

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Rosa Perrotta became a mother bis: Mario Achille was born

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