Seger’s trophy critique: “No need to do as you always did”

SvFF’s answer: “Worked since the beginning of time”

MALMÖ / STOCKHOLM. After securing the Swedish Championship gold in Piteå, FC Rosengård invited to a gold party.

But something was missing. The trophy.

– Now you have to lift the dent on the away field in front of not very many fans probably, says team captain Caroline Seger.

The confetti singled down over the Rosengård players in the dark November evening. 2548 spectators had gone to Malmö IP to celebrate their golden heroes.

– It is probably difficult to get rid of everything, he says Caroline Seger when the confetti like this a few days later still remains on Malmö IP.

After Häcken unexpectedly lost points against AIK, Rosengård secured the Swedish Championship gold away against Piteå. With two rounds left to play.

– A Swedish Championship gold is no matter where or when or how you take it, it always means a lot. Then it was perhaps not the absolute best and most charming place to take it. I think all Piteå residents disappeared more or less in 30 seconds. There were not many people left, then it was better to be allowed to celebrate this at home. The only thing that is sad is that one must not be allowed to have the ceremony as well.

Victory critical

With the ceremony, Caroline Seger refers to the official celebration with the handing over of Crown Princess Victoria’s trophy. Skåneklubben contacted the association and tried to get the dent down to Malmö, but got no. It will be distributed after the series has finished playing.

This means that Rosengård will receive the trophy at Stockholm Stadium after the final match against Djurgården.

– Now you have to lift the dent on the away field in front of not very many fans probably. I think that is also something you should consider changing. When we have still won and the series is over. You do not have to do as you have always done, she says and points out:

– Otherwise, the atmosphere and framing was fantastic here. To be allowed to have so many people, you wish it was always like that. Because it does so much for the atmosphere.

The union answers

When Sportbladet reaches the Swedish Football Association’s chairman, Karl-Erik Nilsson, he explains why it is the way it is.

– It has been the case since the series was instituted that all medals are always awarded in connection with the last round of play. This applies regardless of whether it is the damallsvenskan or the men’s top series. This is how the rules are, that medals and trophies are awarded in connection with the last match, he says.

Is there anything you can change, so that the team can celebrate with the trophy in front of their home crowd?

– We have received inquiries about it before, but there is also another perspective that should not be overlooked. There is an opponent as well, in some contexts it is the case that the opponent also looks forward to having a medal celebration with him. In some context, when this appeared on an earlier occasion, the drum of the organizing association had been hit quite hard before the final round. The game program is on and the game program has been stuck all season, everyone has known that it would look like this. Sometimes the medals are ready and can be handed out, sometimes there are three, four teams fighting for the medals before the final round.

“Accustomed to criticism”

Nilsson continues:

– This is a system that has worked since the beginning of time and will probably work the same way in the future, at least we have no plans to change it at present. You can celebrate in other ways, which surely many associations do – but just medal distribution and trophy distribution always takes place in the final round.

Is it possible to understand the criticism from the teams that would have liked to lift the trophy in front of their fans in the last home round?

– We are used to getting views and criticism on a lot, but there are also some things that are part of the football tradition – and this is one of them. But if someone wants a change to it, you can always submit a proposal and it can be decided in a democratic spirit, but so far I have never seen any association submit such a proposal. Until we have something else to relate to, we relate to the existing regulations – and that means a medal and a trophy in the final round.



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Seger’s trophy critique: “No need to do as you always did”

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