State, “shots” from € 2,200: incentives linked to merit and age, it will be easier to make a career

Two days to try to close the first renewal of the contract of the state, that of the central functions, which includes ministries, tax agencies and non-economic public bodies such as INPS and INAIL. With the “variable”, however, of the strike proclaimed by CGIL and UIL against the maneuver of the government led by Mario Draghi. The negotiations between Aran and the trade unions will resume today and continue tomorrow. On the table is the latest draft brought by Antonio Naddeo, the president of Aran. The intention is to “verify” whether the conditions exist to close the agreement. Otherwise the negotiations will be suspended and the contract of the central functions would be postponed to next year. In the latest text delivered to the unions, Aran has decided to take some other steps to meet the acronyms. The first concerns “horizontal economic progressions”. These are the new “steps” introduced in the contract with the reform of the professional system, and which will be partly linked to merit (the evaluation will weigh for 40 per cent) and partly to length of service. The “step” for an official in the third area will rise to 2,200 euros gross a year, that for assistants in the second area to 1,200 euros gross a year and that for operators in the first area to 800 euros. Those who for six consecutive years have not obtained “clicks”, will have an additional score to compete, even if they have not received positive evaluations.

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On the other hand, those who have already obtained a shot will have to wait three years to be able to compete for the next one. There is another point considered relevant modified in the latest draft contract proposed by Aran. At the first application of the new professional system, the steps between the various areas will be simplified. In short, promotions will be easier. They may take place by way of derogation from the possession of the qualification, but considering the length of service. What exactly does this mean? An operator of the first area (a clerk of a ministry, or an usher), will be able to pass in the second area, that of the assistants (which for example includes those who work at the counter), without the need to have a high school diploma as required by the external access requirements. It will be enough to have gained an experience of at least eight years in the first area. The same goes for the transition from the second area to the third, that of officials. Today this step implies the possession of the degree. With the entry into force of the new professional system, anyone in the second area can be “promoted” to the third even if they do not have the title. It will be enough to have at least 10 years of experience. These are requirements softened compared to previous drafts, when the experience requirements were indicated respectively in 10 years for the passages from the first to the second area, and 15 years from the second to the third. With the new professional system, then, a fourth area will also be born, that of high professionalism. A sort of “paintings” area. At the beginning it will be empty, then it will gradually welcome the experts who will be hired for the Recovery plan. The salary will consist of a salary in the form of a table, a position and a result and, overall, it will be approximately 60 thousand euros gross per year.

Then there is the issue of table increases, those that will go to all employees of the sector. The average increase will be 4.15%. It will range from a minimum of 60 euros for the first area to a maximum of 114 euros for the third. In short, next year, if the contract is signed, significant net monthly increases will arrive in the payslips of ministerial employees, agencies and non-economic public bodies. Also thanks to the simultaneous cut in the personal income tax rates decided by the government and which will be included in the maneuver. According to the estimates drawn up by the Messenger (see table on page), for the officials of the third area there will be increases of 87 euros net monthly for the ministry of public education, up to 137 euros net of the ministry of health. Only slightly higher than 136 euros net monthly which would instead increase the payslip of the officials of the Ministry of Economy. Followed by the increases for the ministry of economic development, with 115 euros per month, and those for the ministry of agricultural policies, 113 euros per month.


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State, “shots” from € 2,200: incentives linked to merit and age, it will be easier to make a career

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