The leaders of the Belgian championship oppose the tax reform of sports clubs: “The impact would be disastrous for Belgian football”

Anderlecht, Standard, Brugge, Genk, La Gantoise and Antwerp have marked their opposition to the tax reform project for sports clubs . In a joint statement released on Wednesday, the six football clubs called for “constructive consultations with the competent ministers”. Currently, sports clubs only have to pay 20% of their taxes to the tax authorities. The rest, they can use freely, except the quarter which must be used for the training of the young people. But in practice, this is regularly used to pay the salaries of players in Team A.

According to the bill on the table, this freedom will disappear next year in favor of new, stricter rules in line with European state aid regulations. The bill thus provides that clubs will no longer be able to tax more than 4 million euros on salaries.

“We can only note that, according to calculations, the proposals made could have an impact of 170 million euros. It is, by definition, the bankruptcy of the sector”, indicate the six main football clubs in their press release.

“It goes without saying that we are ready to have constructive discussions with the competent ministers at any time,” the statement continued. “What is presented to us today is thoughtless and counterproductive. We cannot accept it.”

For its part, the Pro League, which represents all the professional football clubs in the country, says it is “aware that an adaptation of the social system is desirable and has thus drawn up a note which meets the main budget lines proposed for the system. social (30 million euros) and tax status (10 million euros) “.

The Pro League is also concerned about the elements of the preliminary draft of the reform of the tax law. “The impact of these elements would be disastrous for Belgian professional football. Young talents and established players could no longer be retained or transferred, and it would be practically impossible for our clubs to perform on the European stage. The Pro League pursues constructive consultations with the authorities and the cabinets, with the aim of preserving the competitiveness and the quality of our competitions in a correct social and fiscal framework, while respecting the budgetary agreements “, concludes the Pro League.

The Belgian Football Union (URBSFA) is also concerned about the impact of the impending reform. “We understand the government’s desire to put in place a fair tax system that respects the rules on state aid, but all the measures contained in the preliminary draft law are very disproportionate and risk drowning our clubs in the international football ecosystem of which they are part, ”says CEO Peter Bossaert.

The Belgian federation stresses that international success is important for the financial and sporting health of big clubs. “This is important for attracting and training new top players, for the talents that pass into the national youth teams and the Red Devils, and for the countless fans,” Bossaert adds. “It must be possible to find the right balance between fair taxation and maintaining the competitiveness of our best clubs. As URBSFA, we are available to play a role in finding solutions and are ready to sit down. the negotiating table with the clubs concerned and the government. ”

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The leaders of the Belgian championship oppose the tax reform of sports clubs: “The impact would be disastrous for Belgian football”

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