Trieste, today the no passes are back «Stewards to check us? It doesn’t exist, we parade without “

from Benedetta Moro

The refusal to the request of the mayor Roberto Dipiazza. Eight thousand demonstrators are expected in the Julian capital which alone counts 336 cases per week for every hundred thousand inhabitants against an Italian average of 53 per hundred thousand

In a context in which for the second consecutive day Friuli-Venezia Giulia marks more than 400 new positives, tripled compared to just two days ago, and six deaths – with the capital alone having 336 weekly cases per hundred thousand inhabitants against an average Italian population of 53 per 100 thousand inhabitants – this afternoon Trieste will once again welcome a no green pass procession. The numbers of demonstrators expected also in this case are high: an estimated participation of eight thousand people, also arriving from outside the region. For this reason, it has been planned to deploy about 400 law enforcement officers who have already begun to check the entrances to the Slovenian border and with the other provinces since yesterday.

The alert

The alert is maximum to prevent any infiltrations. Demonstrating remains a constitutional right and therefore the march will take place. Despite the measures implemented by the Trieste institutions to contain thethe spread of infections and the largest outbreak ever recorded in the region since the beginning of the pandemic: in fact, it was the processions and principals of recent weeks that caused them.
The organizers of the no green pass coordination procession have announced that they will not respect all the restrictions, starting with the establishment of a steward order service. Their intention was to finish the route a few steps from Piazza Unità, but the prefect made it off limits to protests. While the commissioner Irene Tittoni, with a provision, reduced the route and time of the procession. Protesters, however, opposed respecting part of theorder that the mayor Roberto Dipiazza issued the day before yesterday: in fact, through a note they communicated that they do not intend to foresee figures who, even as volunteers, check that the participants wear the mask and maintain the distance (at least one every 100 participants). In the absence of an adequate order service, not only penalties ranging from 400 to one thousand euros are envisaged but also complaints for unauthorized demonstrations. The organizers of the no green pass Coordination, on the other hand, proved to be more willing to respect health measures during the parade: in fact, they invited the participants “to responsibility and common sense, beyond the impositions for the protection of individual and collective health”. What outcome their appeal will have will be understood today.

The symbol

In any case, Trieste remains a symbolic city of the no vax and no pass events, even in the articles of the foreign press. “The center of the anti-vaccine protest in Italy is now becoming a Covid outbreak,” the headline yesterday New York Times. In the article, the entire chronology of events was reported, from the eviction of the port (for the blockade four people are investigated by the Trieste Public Prosecutor’s Office) to the data of the infections of the last few days. The response to the protest is a petition from the other part of the city, that of yes vax and yes pass. The appeal launched by Mitja Gialuz, professor of criminal procedure, and Tiziana Benussi, president of the CRTrieste Foundation, yesterday reached almost 60 thousand subscriptions: “With the petition – they stressed – we made the voice of a Trieste that trusts of science and believes that the vaccine is the way to regain freedom. The data released on the admissions of unvaccinated people unequivocally confirm this ».

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Trieste, today the no passes are back «Stewards to check us? It doesn’t exist, we parade without ”

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