World Cup qualification: Two construction sites for Neo-ÖFB boss Milletich

World Cup qualification

The two final games in the World Cup qualification on Friday against Israel and on Monday against Moldova mark a kind of turning point for the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). For the first time in twelve and a half years, the association is no longer headed by Leo Windtner at an international match, but by his successor as ÖFB President, Gerhard Milletich. While the Burgenlander hopes for a victorious debut, two construction sites are waiting off the field: the team boss question and a discussion about the team doctor.

“I assume that it will be two good and successful games. Both opponents are safe to beat, ”said the Burgenlander of the APA. Two convincing victories would significantly increase Franco Foda’s chances of serving as team boss in the upcoming matches in March 2022. “We have a contract with Franco Foda and I would love to be able to keep it. That is also the goal, ”said Milletich.

A certain clarity could exist relatively soon after the final World Cup qualimatches. “We want to evaluate and decide in the days after the two games,” said the head of the association and again emphasized the important role played by ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel in this matter. If necessary, you can also take your time. Milletich: “Thank God we have a bit of air until the next international matches.”

GEPA / Philipp Brem

With two victories at the end of the year, ÖFB team boss Foda could take some wind out of the sails of his critics

ÖFB team doctor apparently not vaccinated

In addition to the team boss debate that has been simmering for some time, another construction site has opened up at short notice for Milletich, who was elected president three weeks ago – ÖFB-A team doctor Michael Fiedler has apparently not yet received a vaccination against the corona virus. Milletich said he wanted to find out more in a personal conversation with Fiedler.

ÖFB President on the team boss

ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich also speaks about the future of team boss Franco Foda.

At the same time, the Neo-President also made it clear that the ÖFB “naturally” adheres to all legal framework conditions. “Personally, I wouldn’t be happy with this situation, I don’t like that at all,” said Milletich. The 65-year-old entrepreneur is a clear advocate of vaccinations. “I am an advocate that out of solidarity with those around you you look at your surroundings.”

The massive increase in the number of infections also contributes to the fact that only a small number of spectators are expected for the upcoming international matches. “We have the difficulties of the pandemic, but certainly also the problem that we have not performed well recently. So unfortunately we have to assume that we won’t have a lot of spectators, ”said Milletich.

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World Cup qualification: Two construction sites for Neo-ÖFB boss Milletich

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