July 31, 2021

the joy of athletes who find their hall

By Marie Slavicek

Posted today at 18:47

Mélissa Blanc carefully wraps her boxing bands around her wrists. It would be too stupid to injure yourself on the day of the long-awaited recovery. After eight months of shutdown, the sports halls reopened their doors on Wednesday, June 9. From December, they were able to welcome high-level athletes and those with a medical certificate. The others, like Mélissa, had to take their troubles patiently.

Story: Sports halls are preparing to relaunch the machine, between enthusiasm and doubts

“I couldn’t wait for it to start again, I’m very happy”, confides the 31-year-old graphic designer. Used to come to sweat four times a week in the ring of the Temple Noble Art, a boxing club located in the posh 1is arrondissement of Paris, the young woman tried to keep in shape at home. “I trained about once a week, and again … It’s hard to find the motivation on your own”, she emphasizes. Suddenly, even if the room has him “Greatly missed”, it “Apprehend a little”. “I’m out of breath just going up a flight of stairs… We’ll see! “, she blurted out, grabbing her pair of gloves. Let’s go for an hour of cardio workout at the punching bag.

At the Temple Noble Art boxing club in Paris on June 9, 2021.

To limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, the club has adopted the protocol set by the government. The same, with a few details, as that of summer 2020. Until June 30 minimum, all establishments must respect a 50% gauge, two meters distance between each practitioner, one person per equipment, wearing the compulsory mask outside of moments of effort, ventilation of the premises, as well as traceability of members. And, of course, no physical contact.

“Obviously, it’s a bit restrictive when you practice a combat sport”, recognizes Cyril Durand, the founder of the Temple Noble Art. The latter nevertheless observes “Great enthusiasm” of its members. “This closure was a test, we were able to stay afloat only thanks to state aid. Today, I am relieved and confident: our members are highly motivated. They all tell us how important this place is for their personal balance ”, he rejoices. In fact, all the courses are full and none of the people questioned worried about the risk of being infected by the virus.

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Members warm up at the Temple Noble Art boxing club in Paris on June 9, 2021.
Aurélien Bessatili, 41, resumes training at the Temple Noble Art boxing club in Paris on June 9.

“Everyone knows each other here”

“I come here for the body, but also for the head”, affirms Aurélien Bessatili, 41, member since 2013. For him, boxing has become “A physical need” as much as a “Remedy for stress and anxiety”. “I do push-ups and push-ups at home, but that has nothing to do with… There is no group emulation and the motivation provided by the coaches”, he said.

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