Star Wars: Mark Hamill Loves To Watch Videos Of Mature Men Crying Over His Mandalorian Cameo

Mark Hamill is one of the most versatile actors of his generation. Over the years, the interpreter has worked in various productions of almost all genres, and has also managed to become a great figure in animation thanks to his voice work. Of course, among all his characters, the one that no one will ever forget is Luke Skywalker, who will change the course of thousands of lives by appearing in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – 93%. While some actors flee the legacy of their early roles, Hamill still enjoys being recognized for his importance in the movies.

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The new trilogy of Star Wars, which began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 92%, had to pass the torch to a new generation, but the audience was so committed to the classic characters and their own nostalgia that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Hamill himself were the strong point between the specialized critics and the fans. In the end, the new trilogy disappointed many, and they will surely spend years debating its quality, its twists and its ending. Although this story meant the farewell to the first generation, The Mandalorian – 91% took many by surprise when it showed a young Luke.

The blessed technology allows us to have these types of scenes, each time with better quality. Whether the actor plays his role and then his face is rejuvenated through technology, or a stuntman is used and the Deep Fake method is applied, the result always works with the followers. In the case of The Mandalorian the work was a success in part because the secret was kept very well guarded. After all, who would have thought that Hamill would come back and like that?

The actor, who has also lent his voice to Joker on several occasions, confirms his excitement at the public’s reaction to his image as Luke. During a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Hamill revealed that he really enjoys seeing the audience this moved:

Jon [Favreau] He sent me links to reaction videos, which were just… I can’t see these things in the audience. See mature men cry or people screaming with excitement. It was very, very exciting for me to see them enjoy it so much.

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At the end of the second season of The Mandalorian, Luke showed up to save the life of Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) and it is implied that he will stay with him to train him properly and thus unleash his full potential. At the historical level, this fact is very important in the canon. Fans are already discussing what it means for Luke to be present, as in the new trilogy it was revealed that, at some point, all of his students were killed. Will Grogu survive or not? The universe of Star Wars It’s not perfect, but it does try to do its best to be consistent, so one hopes that the cameo is not an excuse to surprise fans, and that it genuinely works to show us a part of history that we did not know.

The Mandalorian It will follow a different route for its third season, so a constant appearance of Luke is not planned; however, it is not ruled out. Mark Hamill He hasn’t spoken about it, but it seems like he hasn’t let his character die yet and finds it a pleasure to be so relevant to pop culture.

At the end of the day, Hamill knows that the fans are the ones who make everything possible:

We love the fans. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. They are the most loyal and passionate group of people I have ever come across. I just have deep gratitude for your enthusiasm over the years. I never expected that. It is something that I really treasure.

That said, it appears that Hamill would have no qualms about bringing Luke back to life. However, the franchisees are planning new things to show more of the universe of Star Wars. Only time will tell whether or not Hamill will return to his most famous role.

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Star Wars: Mark Hamill Loves To Watch Videos Of Mature Men Crying Over His Mandalorian Cameo