Star Wars the Old Republic reveals details of its new expansion

The tenth anniversary of the video game is celebrated Star Wars: The Old Republic and its creators will celebrate with a new adventure-filled expansion: Legacy of the Sith.

Star Wars The Old Republic

This new version is set in an ancient time ruled by the Sith who came hundreds years ago from the Jedi. The official launch will be next December 14th for computer and totally free, according to the specialized page ‘MeriStation’.

The video game will have exclusive details. For example, the first planeta manaan, an aquatic world that is inhabited by a species of amphibians called the Selkath. The Sith have a special interest in them because of a strange material that can only be found in that place: the kolto, a medicinal substance. Manaan is a dangerous world with many mysteries, say its creators of ‘BioWare’.

With this update, users will be able to visit underwater locations and experience different episodes with the protagonists of their choice.

Another location that was not available is Elom, where the new Flashpoint takes place. This is a remote planet and little explored by Star Wars canon, according to the game’s creative director, Charles Boyd.

Players will have to discover the mysteries of this new place and the role of Darth Malgus in the plot.

In turn, a new operation will be available, “The R-4 Anomaly.” This will be an adventure on an asteroid that travels at high speed. Users will have to uncover the investigations the Sith are conducting and stop them before it’s too late.

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Finally, this version will have characters that had not appeared before and who will accompany the players in the missions. From now on, the user will be able to choose their preferred combat style regardless of the character’s class.

Prominent figures

Darth Malgus: This is one of the main villains, as well as being one of the most veteran. Before it was known as ‘Veradun’. For a long time it was believed that he was dead, but then he came back largely a machine.

Major Anri: She is an Imperial Twi’lek soldier. She was previously a racist, but in this version she is willing to have anyone help her with her plans.

Amm Paralun:
comes from Onderon, a jungle world. Now he is half machine because his body was destroyed.

Lana Beniko: the Sith lady becomes very calculating, loyal, and reasonable. He was the one who discovered the betrayal of Darth Arkous and created alliances with his companions.

Tau Idair:
He is part of the Jedi Order and is constantly in combat against the Sith Empire. She is a lightsaber fighter.

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Star Wars the Old Republic reveals details of its new expansion

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