Stella del Carmen’s new life in Spain with her father Antonio Banderas

Actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith They were married for 18 years before separating in 2015. Their marriage produced an only daughter, Stella del Carmen, born in 1996. Despite the separation of her parents, Stella del Carmen maintains a very good relationship with them and with their mother siblings: the famous actress Dakota Johnson and Jesse Johnson, son of Don Johnson, And his brother Alexander Bauer, son of Steven Bauer.

The friendly relationship between her parents, Antonio and Melanie, has also helped the family stay together after so many years with a divorce involved. Moreover, many consider that the couple maintains one of the best relationships in hollywood since they wanted it to be that way for Stella’s sake.

Apart from having a very healthy family relationship, they are also very loving between them when they meet again. We recently saw Stella accompany her father to the San Sebastian Film Festival, where Flags assured to be “delighted to enjoy with your daughter“The two wore a smile from ear to ear as they strolled embraced on the red carpet.

Stella asks for the legal change of her name in court

One of the latest events in Stella’s life is her recent request to change your legal name. According The Blast, the 25-year-old has asked eliminar ‘Griffith’ of their last names in court in Los Angeles. So her legal name would become Stella del Carmen Banderas.

This decision does not seem to be the result of any drama since, as many have observed, the relationship with his mother is very good. In fact, in the National Daughter Day American, Melanie Griffith took the opportunity to share some very tender photos of her daughters Dakota and Stella; some from when they were smaller and others more recent. In one of them, Melanie’s mother appears along with her daughters as well, which suggests that they truly live in a very familiar environment. healthy and cozy.

In the request Stella explains, “I just want to shorten my name, removing the extra second surname. Also, I don’t normally use Griffith when referring to myself or in documents. So taking my name off would fit my normal usage. “His reasoning is understandable since the length of his current name can be a hindrance in a country like the United States, where only the father’s last name is kept.

The next steps in Stella’s life

Her mother’s last name and her long hair that she used to wear are not the only things that Stella is going to leave in her past. Stella was born at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, Just like his father. Now, Banderas’ daughter, who has had a background in modeling and cinematography, has decided to return his native land. You have made this decision to work as the second assistant director of one of the new projects of Banderas, the musical ‘Company‘in his theater in Malaga.

The daughter of the famous interpreters has had the luck to know two different cultures in depth thanks to her parents. She has always shown that she is proud to belong to Spain and the United States, but she feels particularly very close to Spain, especially Malaga. What’s more, the young businesswoman was inspired by Holy Week in Malaga to create her own line of perfumes called ‘Lightbound‘.

Stella seems to have a great future ahead, and the public is eager to see what awaits them.

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“Delighted to enjoy with my daughter”: The complicity of Antonio Banderas and Stella del Carmen on the red carpet at the San Sebastian Festival

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Stella del Carmen’s new life in Spain with her father Antonio Banderas