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A tweet lit the fuse. “You can honestly keep your Goslings and Zayns and give me the Steve Carell of 2017 ”, wrote a tweeter American with just 600 followers on the social network, accompanied by a photograph of the actor in his last promotional event in London. The explosion came when his words began to be virally refuted by other users, reaping to this day more than 40,000 retweets and 136,000 likes. Of course, the entertainment industry press had to echo the one who had been unanimously elevated as the new boyfriend of the internet, this time with a profile far removed from the previous Hardy, Gosling, Hiddleston, Isaac or Trudeau.

12 years separate these two portraits of Steve Carell. Photo: Getty

The transformation of look by Steve Carell, 54, has caught viewers and the media unawares (“How could he become so attractive from one day to the next?” natural or scripted – and glasses that we had not seen before. Even Jimmy Fallon was forced to broach the subject of his appearance during a recent visit to The Tonight Show. The actor, known for his character as Michael Scott in the series The Office and the movie Virgin at 40, has left behind any similarities with his role in the aforementioned comedy to awaken longings for a hypothetical second part. When Recessor at 50?

The actor has commented on the repercussion raised by his appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’. Photo: Getty

“I am so tired of people looking at me for my physical attributes. It’s just genetics. There is nothing I can do, “Carell replied sarcastically. Entertainment Tonight, during the promotion of the premiere of Crane 3, to which he lends his voice in the original version. Experts agree that the interpreter has become part of the exclusive club of the silver foxes from Hollywood. These ‘silver foxes’ are mature men who proudly show off their gray hair, keep fit and grow old by wearing sneakers. The referent in fiction is Roger Sterling, one of the big shots of the advertising agency in which the series was developed Mad Men, and in the real spectrum the George Clooney, Richard Gere and Viggo Mortensen. “Due to their age they have reached a comfortable social and economic position, facing maturity with serenity, mischief and humor”, stated Rita Abundancia in the article The silver fox club, published in this header in 2012. In humor, as demonstrated during his brilliant career, this is more than enough.

Carell, with his fellow ‘The Big Short’ and official sex symbols, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. Photo: Getty

Once there is white smoke about the spell that Carell casts, the press argues about which of them first realized the interpreter’s hidden charms. “If you’re jumping on the ‘Steve Carell is hot’ train now, you’ve been lost for years.”, dice Allyson Koerner and Bustle, which synchronizes his physical transformation with that of his character in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. The Cal Weaver he plays is a recently divorced puritan in his forties who bumps into a young metrosexual (Ryan Gosling) in a bar, who helps him become a heartthrob to rebuild his love life. “Exclusive: It has always been attractive, and for all those who have noticed now, it is just offensive. Also bad for them, because they could have enjoyed their beauty during all these years ”, concludes the journalist.

“I’m so tired of people only looking at me for my physical attributes. It’s just genetics, “he declared. Photo: Getty

His recent appearance dressed in pants beige, leather sneakers, sunglasses and a tight navy blue sweater have set off alarms about her appeal. Not that he hasn’t been a stylish man so far, but we were more used to the red-carpet outfitted Carell than to this laid-back, casual new look. Something similar to what happened a few weeks ago with Obama who, after walking around Milan with an unbuttoned white shirt (no tie, of course) and sunglasses, became the protagonist of headlines that praised his style and elevated him as an effigy of what cool. It seems that there is nothing like leaving the straitjacket at home, showing off your gray hair and putting on some sunglasses to become the new (and mature) boyfriend of the internet.

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Steve Carell, from ‘Virgin at 40’ to ‘Empotrador at 50’ | Celebrities, Vips