Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller Reveals Her Most Powerful Secret Team

To bring King Shark back under her control, the Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller just unleashed one of the most powerful teams she’s ever assembled.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #3, available now from DC.

The Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller has always lived in a world defined by secrets. As the long-time mastermind behind Task Force X, Waller has shrouded herself and the true scope of her intentions behind reams of confidential paperwork, classified meetings and top-secret missions.

But to retrieve a rogue agent, Waller was just forced to reveal one of her secrets in Suicide Squad: King Shark #3, by Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz and Wes Abbott. To bring that title’s titular Suicide Squad veteran and DC Extended Universe star back into the fold, Waller called upon the surprising, powerful supernatural characters of her Limbo Legion.

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Suicide Squad Limbo Legion Gentleman Ghost

In the comic, King Shark has been sent to represent his people at the Wild Games, a Mortal Kombat-style tournament to determine the pecking order of the species of the DC Universe. After this fight takes Nanaue and his human friend Defacer out of Waller’s reach, Waller confronts the God of Sharks, King Shark’s dad. She claimed that he’d broken their deal, which gave her primary custody over Nanaue, by sending him away.

Naturally, the God of Sharks didn’t take too kindly to being told off by a regular land-walking human. But when he tried to flee into the depths of the ocean, he found Etrigan the Demon and the Gentleman Ghost waiting to attack as Waller’s “Limbo Legion.”

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Suicide Squad Limbo Legion

Since the Gentleman Ghost debuted in a Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert story in 1947’s Flash Comics #88, he’s regularly fought Hawkman and some of DC’s other heroes. He was also a member of the short-lived Suicide Squad Black, a magic-focused version of the team that preceded the Limbo Legion. Despite his hellish origins, Etrigan has usually acted heroically and has regularly served alongside heroes in and around the Justice League Dark, which makes the Jack Kirby creation’s presence here especially surprising.

Back on land, a mutated version of the obscure Batman villain Pigeon announced herself as the final member of the Legion. While Pigeon has historically been a minor thief, she’s been turned into a cannibalistic monster who is in the midst of eating Kaikea, a priestess to the God of Sharks who is also King Shark’s mom.

Although King Shark is too busy fighting to know about any of this, Waller’s Limbo Legion represents another example of Waller’s growing reach and ambitions within recent months. As knowledge of the DC Multiverse has become commonplace, Waller has tried to recruit heroes from other realities, targeted the elemental creature Swamp Thing and openly tried to steal an underage member of the Teen Titans Academy.

While Waller’s true goals remain hidden to everyone but herself, she clearly has designs to expand the Suicide Squad at a scale that was previously unthinkable, and Etrigan’s presence here is a clear testament to that. And now that the Limbo Legion has the God of Sharks on the ropes, King Shark may come back from the Wild Games to learn that the real fight for his life is only beginning.

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