Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) or the admiration for the 62-year-old rocker who does not age | Celebrities

It all started as it usually starts now, from the first scar in a romantic relationship to the sudden fall of a council of ministers: with a tweet that got out of hand. “Susanna Hoffs, lead singer and co-founder of The Bangles, 62 years old”, were the terse words of a publication that became viral with more than 38,000 ‘likes’ and as many thousands of replies for the images that accompanied the text. They were a couple of photographs of the Californian singer on stage, guitar in hand, during a concert at a music festival in 2014. And such has been the impact and echo of her portraits that the singer of pop hits like Walk Like An Egyptian O Manic Monday, which made The Bangles one of the most recognized formations in the eighties, has unexpectedly returned to the forefront of public opinion for its apparent refusal to grow old, making it clear that the ‘eternal flame’ of his best known song (Eternal Flame) he was no figure of speech.

“He’s better than me at 25,” writes a tweeter. Photo: GETTY

During the last week social networks have been filled with witty or cariacontecidos comments about the imperishable appearance of the singer, who continues to wear the same smooth and radiant complexion as in her youth. “If Susanna Hoffs and Paul Rudd had a child, would he ever grow old?” Fables a tweeter in the reply thread that accompanies the viral tweet. “Will you have a portrait (a la Dorian Gray) kept in a closet?” Asks another, and a third recognizes a “teenage crush” that has lasted for more than 30 years. Of course, there is no lack of allusions to Jordi Hurtado or more or less cruel comparisons between those who consider that “at 25 they already look much worse than her”, but the truth is that his sex appeal has already led it to be included by magazines such as Complex in one of those – unnecessary – lists of the 20 most attractive singers in the history of music.

There are more than 30 years of difference between these two images of the singer on stage. Photo: GETTY

Beyond good genes and her history as a ballet dancer in her youth, the keys offered by Hoffs to obtain the secret of eternal youth lie in a healthy and conscious diet – no alcohol or tobacco or eating in front of the television -, a job that allows her to remain active – “giving a concert is not just singing, but all the movement and energy on stage” – and an almost religious passion for the long daily walks that she defends as essential for her mental balance and physical. “I often tell my friends that the best diet is to have a good audiobook that you can only listen to while walking or exercising.” On a professional level, his music is still valid and on July 4, American Independence Day, he had the honor of entertaining the traditional fireworks on CNN with a commemorative concert in which he displayed his entire repertoire of classics.

The meteoric rise of The Bangles, which went from the first rehearsals in Hoffs ‘parents’ garage in 1981 to filling stadiums in just four years, led them to rank as the most successful all-female group in American music to date. only behind Las Supremes. Following the heritage of rock-punk bands such as The Go-Go’s or The Runaways, but giving it a sound somewhere between British pop and new wave, the gang challenged the testosterone dictatorship in an industry that forced them to face photo shoots with sexist requests such as “pretend to make out with each other or have a pillow fight in pajamas.” Already in an interview offered in 1991, and that Hoffs herself has rescued in her networks this past July, the vocalist lamented being continually questioned for being a woman. “It’s stupid because we consider ourselves musicians, but everyone saw us as ‘female musicians’. For many years we thought we were a band like any other, but over time we realized that unfortunately there is a lot of machismo in this business. No matter how hard you fight it, people view female gangs in a selective and discriminatory way. “

The four original members of the group pose in 1986. Photo: getty

The pop group, made up of the Californian singer, sisters Vickie (guitar) and Debbie (drums) Petterson and Michael Steele (bass), announced its dissolution in 1989, a few months after reaping its greatest professional triumph with Eternal Flame by the supposed war of egos arisen because of the increasing prominence of Hoffs. After her solo career didn’t take off, they recorded and toured together again nine years later, and throughout this century they have released sporadic singles, a couple of albums, and given various concerts. The vocalist has been married since 1993 to filmmaker Jay Roach, a director of films such as Austin Powers, Her parents ohl Scandal, with whom he has two children.

Hoffs and her husband, film director Jay Roach. Photo: GETTY

Despite the admiration her physique arouses, the Californian has denounced ageism and “fixation on youth” as a problem to eradicate in American culture. “I often talk to friends my own age about how we seem to have an expiration date etched on our foreheads. When we turn forty or fifty it is as if we become invisible (…) I feel relieved to have passed fifty, I am enjoying this moment of my life very much, ”she claimed, using the French actress Catherine Deneuve as an example. as an icon of “vital and sexy” maturity.

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Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) or the admiration for the 62-year-old rocker who does not age | Celebrities