“Former students of Sciences Po Grenoble, we wish to defend academic freedom”

Former students of Sciences Po Grenoble we wish to defend

Tribune. For several months, the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (IEP) has been the center of many controversies, with the culmination of December 14, 2021, the suspension for four months of a professor for breaches of obligations linked to civil servant status. We, former students of the IEP of Grenoble, coming from all walks of … Read more

Academic education can positively affect aging of the brain

Journal Reference: Isabel Hotz, Pascal Frédéric Deschwanden, Susan Mérillat, Franziskus Liem, Spyridon Kollias, Lutz Jäncke. Associations of subclinical cerebral small vessel disease and processing speed in non-demented subjects: A 7-year study. NeuroImage: Clinical, 2021; 32: 102884 DOI: 10.1016/j.nicl.2021.102884 A good education is an excellent way to embark on a successful career and develop your personality. … Read more

Politicians accused of plagiarism in their academic theses

Politicians accused of plagiarism in their academic theses scaled

Peña: Nobody can say that I plagiarized my thesis (CNN Español) — The president of the Colombian House of Representatives, Jennifer Arias, seems to have joined an exclusive but infamous club with global reach: that of politicians who have been accused of plagiarizing her academic theses. The Externado de Colombia University determined after months of … Read more

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