“It is up to labor law and social law to evolve to extend to new activities in the digital economy”

It is up to labor law and social law to

Tribune. The situation of self-employed workers working on digital platforms is worrying, especially concerning transport cars with drivers (VTC) and delivery, because these workers can experience situations of strong economic subordination and imbalance of rights in comparison with employees. This imbalance does not only concern social protection, but also working conditions, pay or job security. … Read more

Hong Kong: “CitizenNews” ceases its activities due to fears for the safety of its journalists

Hong Kong CitizenNews ceases its activities due to fears for

Chris Yeung, the co-founder of “CitizenNews”, January 3, 2022, in Hong Kong. VINCENT YU / AP Media closures follow in Hong Kong. Journalists from the news site CitizenNews denounced, Monday January 3, the decline of press freedom in the territory, a few hours after announcing a cessation of their activities due to fears about their … Read more

Kremlin pressure on Alexei Navalny continues: a bar association representing him was forced to suspend its activities

Kremlin pressure on Alexei Navalny continues a bar association representing

Alexei Navalny during a court appearance in Moscow. (EFE / EPA / YURI KOCHETKOV / File) A Russian human rights group who has among his clients the opponent Alexei Navalny announced on Sunday that it will have to dissolve after the Russian authorities blocked its internet portal, supposedly for publishing “undesirable” content. The measure affects … Read more

Keeping active through varied activities can reduce risk of developing dementia

Journal Reference: Olga Krakovska, Gregory J. Christie, Faranak Farzan, Andrew Sixsmith, Martin Ester, Sylvain Moreno. Healthy memory aging – the benefits of regular daily activities increase with age. Aging, 2021; DOI: 10.18632/aging.203753 The team found that engaging in a combination of hobbies, such as light exercise and connecting with loved ones, can reduce memory decline … Read more

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