The 20 most anticipated films of 2022: From Batman, to the return of Björk and the debut of Bad Bunny in Hollywood

The 20 most anticipated films of 2022 From Batman to

// By: Staff Tue January 11, 2022 By: Carlos Miguel Rosales 2022 begins and the list of films that awaits us this year is quite interesting and extensive, so we could not stay with only 10 and we decided that 20 covers most of the most anticipated titles of this year. The list ranges from … Read more

From Top Gun: Maverick to Avatar 2: The Most Anticipated Movie Releases of 2022

From Top Gun Maverick to Avatar 2 The Most Anticipated

This year that we just released, it hopes to become that of cinematographic normality. Many of the premieres scheduled for 2021 have jumped directly to 2022, waiting for the pandemic situation to come to an end. Throughout this year we will be able to see luxury cinema with Joel Coen directing his black and white … Read more

Jason Momoa shows off muscles with Emilia Clarke in the funniest and most anticipated reunion of ‘Game of Thrones’

Jason Momoa shows off muscles with Emilia Clarke in the

“You can still bench press a Khaleesi,” he writes. Emilia Clarke behind the reunion in code Game of Thrones with Jason Momoa. Actor Jason Momoa’s diet to be strong and defined. Jason Momoa: “I may sound tough and tough, but I’m not.” Jason Momoa left his wife speechless in fiction Emilia Clarke in a series … Read more

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