The Touching, Personal Journey of Joe Mateo’s ‘Blush’

We know all too well the seven stages of grief. Now imagine working through them while writing and directing an animated short film based directly on a devastating personal tragedy. But that’s exactly what Emmy Award-winning artist and filmmaker Joe Mateo (Prep & Landing, Big Hero 6) put himself through with his brand-new CG animated … Read more

“Foundation” | “Foundation”: Who is who in the series that adapts Isaac Asimov’s masterpiece? | Apple TV + | Isaac Asimov | Lou Llobell | Leah Harvey | United States | Trantor | TVMAS

According to the criteria of Know more With a billionaire budget and a star-studded cast, “Foundation”(“ Foundation ”) is one of the most ambitious science fiction productions of recent years, adapting for the first time the great work by Isaac Asimov in the serial format for the streaming service Apple TV+ Directed by screenwriter and … Read more

Apple TV + star series that teaches a master lesson on mental health

AppleTV + series brilliantly reflects how to treat anxiety and mental health in sports ‘Ted Lasso’ is the star series on AppleTV + with permission from ‘The Morning Show’. The fiction starring Jason Sudeikis has reached the end of its second season and, despite some ups and downs, has given a lesson in how to … Read more

our favorite series on Apple TV Plus –

In April 2020, when we published the review of the First season of Home Before Dark, we couldn’t help but be excited about the second season of the series Apple TV Plus, one of many (along with Truth Be Told and a movie like The Banker), that really makes us feel like it’s worth subscribing … Read more

“Foundation”: Basic guide to understanding the classic science fiction, now an Apple TV series + stories-ec | Isaac Asimov | Jared Harris | Lee Pace | Leah Harvey | Lou Llobel stories-ec | TVMAS

According to the criteria of Know more They said it couldn’t be adapted and for decades it was true. “Foundation”(“ Foundation ”), the magnum opus of the writer Isaac asimov, has been one of the foundational pieces of modern science fiction since the release of its first story in May 1942, influencing other classics such … Read more

Opinion: Steve Jobs passed away 10 years ago today, but his influence forever changed me, Apple, and the world

10 years ago today we lost Steve Jobs to pancreatic cancer. The world mourned the loss of our generation’s Edison, an architect like no other who designed our modern way of life. Everyone from Bill Gates to President Obama commemorated Steve’s legacy. Artists, politicians, business people, journalists, and fans alike all felt the earth shake. … Read more

Series: Review of “Ted Lasso – Season 2”, by Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence (Apple TV +)

The first season of TED LASSO It was a surprise, a revelation. Starting with a simple joke, which started in a few commercials and didn’t seem to be able to extend much more than that (a movie, at the most), Jason Sudeikis and his team of collaborators achieved something that seemed impossible: a very good … Read more

Eugenio Derbez tells why Salma Hayek does not participate in “Acapulco”, his new series on Apple TV + | INTERVIEW | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Acapulco, the summer spot for Hollywood figures like Elvis Presley or Cary Grant, was the filming location for Mexican cinema and television. How can we forget those iconic episodes of “El Chavo” (1971) or the movie “El bolero de Raquel” (1957) starring ‘Cantinflas’ in the spa? But it … Read more