For the anniversary of Brexit, champagne is drunk by the pint

For the anniversary of Brexit champagne is drunk by the

Chronic. Boris Johnson has cultivated this talent for telling lies on the European question to excellence for more than thirty years. It takes a fact loosely connected with reality, twists and amplifies it into a false story, but one that captures the imagination of the general public. When he was a journalist in Brussels, the … Read more

Brexit: a year later, the slow crumbling of the British economy

Brexit a year later the slow crumbling of the British

Sainsbury’s supermarket, London, September 7, 2021. JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP For Renée Watson and her small business The Curiosity Box, Brexit was not a disaster, but the origin of a thousand small difficulties: administrative red tape and increased costs for exporting to the European Union (EU) … “Finally, we decided to stop selling in the … Read more

In Brussels, the replacement of David Frost, former British Minister responsible for Brexit, is lived without illusions

In Brussels the replacement of David Frost former British Minister

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. David Frost, then British Minister in charge of Brexit, at a press conference in Brussels, November 19, … Read more

Brexit: Boris Johnson trapped by his contradictions

Brexit Boris Johnson trapped by his contradictions

Editorial of the “World”. Approved by referendum for more than five years, signed two years ago, in force for less than a year, Brexit is clearly not a path strewn with roses. And the speech of Boris Johnson celebrating, on December 30, 2020, “The start of a wonderful relationship between the UK and [ses] friends … Read more

Brexit negotiator David Frost resigns from UK government

Brexit negotiator David Frost resigns from UK government

David Frost outside Downing Street, London, September 15, 2021. HANNAH MCKAY / REUTERS This is yet another setback for Boris Johnson. The services of the British Prime Minister announced, Saturday, December 18 in the evening, the resignation of the Secretary of State responsible for Brexit, David Frost. After the revelation of the information, a little … Read more

The European Union confronted with Boris Johnson’s “endless Brexit”

The European Union confronted with Boris Johnsons endless

Boris Johnson in South Shields (Great Britain) November 22, 2021. OWEN HUMPHREYS / AFP To analyse. A story without end. Five and a half years after the British chose to leave the European Union (EU), London and Brussels continue to negotiate the terms of their divorce, as if this break should never be consummated. At … Read more

After Brexit, France ready to let go on the boats?

After Brexit France ready to let go on the boats

Two French fishermen work aboard the trawler “Le Chant des Sirènes”, at the limit of Franco-British waters, on November 9, 2021. NICOLAS GARRIGA / AP In a short sentence, Thursday, November 18, Annick Girardin set fire to the powder. “So I’ll be frank with you, we have to be prepared not to get everything we … Read more

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