Brigitte Grésy: “Sexism is everywhere”

Brigitte Gresy Sexism is everywhere

Tribune. The High Council for equality between women and men (HCE) has just published its third report on the state of sexism in France, a few days before 25 november, International Day for Combating Violence Against Women. This essential exercise still has a few good years ahead of it. Because sexism is everywhere (“Annual report … Read more

Brigitte Macron, the Elysée coach

Brigitte Macron the Elysee coach

By Olivier Faye and Solenn de Royer Posted today at 02:18, updated at 02:18 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationIf the wife of Emmanuel Macron denies any desire to interfere in political life, she has a central place with the president, giving his opinion on important appointments, weaving around him a network of celebrities … to … Read more

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