Mila Kunis’s cats crashed Ethereum with their NFTs

Key facts: Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund the series, which will pay salaries in ether. Losses from unsuccessful deals were $ 790,000 and the public was angry. As happened a couple of years ago with the CryptoKitties, the felines once again flooded the Ethereum network, generating losses of approximately $ 790,000 … Read more

Andrew Lloyd Webber said the only thing he enjoyed about the Cats adaptation was recording with Taylor Swift

Since the premiere of CatsIn December 2019, Andrew Lloyd Webber had no itch to show his utter contempt for Hollywood’s film adaptation of his multi-award winning full-length musical. Although the film brings together stars of music and acting such as Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellene and Idris Elba, all of them incarnating … Read more

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats ordeal: let’s hope it doesn’t spawn a sequel | Cats

Now that the dust is starting to settle, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Cats caused Covid. Think about it. All the time that Cats didn’t exist in the world, Covid wasn’t a thing. But then Cats came out in cinemas and, just 11 days later, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission reported its first … Read more

My Scaredy Cat’s Guide to Watching Horror Movies

Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a scary movie scaredy-cat. For those who love horror movies, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Just about every network and streaming service is either running some kind of horror movie scare-a-thon or has a special category devoted to the genre. But a scary film fan I … Read more

From Cats to Dear Evan Hansen: Why Hollywood Has a Difficulty Adapting Musicals

This week, Dear Evan Hansen It opened to disappointing reviews and box office grossing, joining the ignoble ranks of modern musical adaptations that fell short of expectations. There are well-documented issues with the film that are specific to Dear Evan HansenBut not all of the film’s failures can be blamed on Ben Platt’s controversial cast … Read more

Trump had ‘Cats’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’ played to soothe him, a new book claims

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is the latest ex-Trump staffer to pen a tell-all book. Her version of events, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” is coming out next week — and early excerpts have given us what may be the most benignly weird anecdote of the Trump era. Here’s how The New York … Read more

The Cat’s Pajamas: ‘Gabby’s Dollhouse’ Creators Celebrate Their Second Season

Gabby’s Dollhouse is back with more magical dollhouse deliveries to be unboxed! The popular live-action / animated preschool series began its second season on Netflix on August 10, with Gabby, Pandy Paws, and all their kitty friends embarking on new adventures, from creative crafts and cozy sleepovers to a cat-tastic party for a very special … Read more

‘Cats’: aberrant atrocity | The frame

CATS Original title: Cats Year: 2019 Duration: 110 minutes Country: United Kingdom / United States Address: Tom Hooper Script: Lee Hall, Tom Hooper y T.S. Elliot Song: Andrew Lloyd Webber Photography: Christopher Ross Distribution: Francesca Hayward, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Laurie Davidson, Rebel Wilson, Robert Fairchild, Steven McRae, Eric Underwood, Ray Winstone, … Read more

Razzies 2020: ‘Cats’ is the big winner in the awards of the worst films of the year – movie news

Due to the coronavirus, the gala could not be held, so the organizers have announced the winners by ‘streaming’. This year’s Razzies arrive without gala but not without surprises either. Due to precautionary measures to stop the coronavirus, the organizers have not been able to deliver the prizes at a ceremony, but that has not … Read more