Emilia Clarke: the “Game of Thrones” actress’s struggle to win a place in Hollywood

Emilia Clarke the Game of Thrones actresss struggle to win

According to the criteria of Know more Emilia Clarke celebrated its 35 years this October 23 with success in its hands after being the protagonist of the famous series “Game of Thrones”And having to his credit different films recognized in recent years. SIGHT: “Venom: Liberated Carnage”: Our Critique of the New in the Spiderman Universe … Read more

35 years of Emilia Clarke, beauty canon breaker and heir to the anti-toxin throne

35 years of Emilia Clarke beauty canon breaker and heir

He put everyone in the pocket practically with his first scene in ‘Game of Thrones’, embodying a character who physically she complied with the regulatory beauty canon: blonde, eyes, blue and petite figure. On her first red carpet and off-camera, Emilia Clarke, a natural beauty advocate, showed us that things were changing and that, without … Read more

Emilia Clarke proves country jackets are back this season

Emilia Clarke proves country jackets are back this season

Mike MarslandGetty Images When the cold approaches the jackets, coats and windbreakers They come out of the closets to protect us from the low temperatures and complete the outfits of the season. Each new season the trends are renewed and depending on the dictates of the catwalk and the adaptations of the ‘street-style’ There are … Read more

Emilia Clarke and Michael Shannon vs. Senator McCarthy

Emilia Clarke and Michael Shannon vs Senator McCarthy

Emilia Clarke, in a frame from ‘Game of Thrones’. In project Václav Marhoul, signatory of ‘The Painted Bird’, a drama about World War II that caused a great scandal at the 2019 Venice Film Festival on account of its explicit violence, will direct the film The anti-communist purge that Senator Joseph McCarthy promoted against Hollywood … Read more

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