‘Yellowstone’, the last proposal of the western genre that recovers Kevin Costner

It seems that the theme of the west is the one that conquers Kevin Costner to embark on television projects. With three seasons in the United States and a confirmed fourth installment, his latest work, ‘Yellowstone’, reaches free-to-air television in Spain. We review this and other series set in the American West. By Maria G. … Read more

“Waterworld”, the failure that sank Kevin Costner: the fierce fights with the director, a set devastated by a typhoon and the hell of the screenwriter

“You have to put your head in the lion’s mouth if you want to be successful in the action that you carry out ”. The phrase leaves no room for doubt. Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, wrote it in 1900 in London to Ladysmith via Pretoria, where he portrays his impressions of an … Read more