Matt Damon on His Career and Why He’s Usually Not a Director’s First Choice

“You need those roles to develop as an actor and build your career, and those are gone.” – Matt Damon on the Lack of Mid-Budget Dramas Actor Matt Damon has appeared in at least a dozen critically-acclaimed roles since his career breakthrough role in Good Will Hunting (which he won an Academy Award for Best … Read more

Matt Damon Honored Heath Ledger with Tattoo Designed by the Late Actor

Heath Ledger’s passing was one of the most shocking deaths in recent Hollywood history, not only because of how talented he was but also how unexpected it was. Despite all his quirks, Ledger, whose last role was the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,” was regarded as a very creative individual. Fellow actor Matt … Read more

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck bring the echoes of #Metoo to the France of the s. XIV

FESTIVAL VENECIA SCOTT Venice (Italy), Sep 10 (EFE) .- Matt Damon and Adam Driver face off in a fight to the death in “The last duel”, the Ridley Scott film that has brought echoes of #Metoo to 14th century France on the last day of the Venice Film Festival, where it is screened out of … Read more

Robin Williams helped Matt Damon get cast in Saving Private Ryan

Robin Williams is one of the most beloved actors we can think of. If Matt Damon’s anecdote about getting cast in war movie Saving Private Ryan is anything to go by, that reputation was rightfully earned. In a video breaking down his iconic roles for GQ, Damon tells of Williams introducing him to Steven Spielberg while … Read more

Celebrity Gossip: Bill Cosby, Matt Damon, Jennifer Love Hewitt + More! IS SHAILENE WOODLY A MOM?: Is Shailene Woodley the latest Hollywood celeb to reveal big baby news?  The Big Little Lies actress got fans buzzing on Wednesday (Sept. 8th) when she posted a black and white photo of some seriously cute baby feet on her Instagram Story.  Fans immediately jumped to conclusions about Woodley … Read more

Matt Damon explains why he and Ben Affleck cried on set of ‘Good Will Hunting’

Before the release of 1997’s “Good Will Hunting,” best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were a couple of 20-something actors and aspiring writers still hoping for a huge breakout experience in Hollywood. After its release, they were legitimate big screen stars and the youngest ever winners of the Academy Award for best original screenplay. … Read more

Matt Damon Opens Up About How Robin Williams Provided A Boost To His Career

Millions of people around the globe knew about his life and work and Williams’ influence on his fellow actors was evident. In a recent interview Damon thanks Williams twice for being an influential figure in his life. Good Will Hunting has vivid memories of Williams’s valuable lessons that he taught him while working on set … Read more