Robin Williams, the truth about his illness and death in a moving documentary

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James Gunn Details Ratcatcher 2’s Cut Suicide Squad Death Scene

Writer and director James Gunn shares details of Ratcatcher 2’s death scene that was cut from an early version of The Suicide Squad script. James Gunn details Ratcatcher 2’s death scene that was cut from an early version of The Suicide Squad script. Following his work on the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Gunn … Read more

James Gunn Dares Fans to Riot Over ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Death

If the previous Guardians of the Galaxy movies are any indication, a major character will surely die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 — due out in May 2023. The Marvel Studios franchise killed off Vin Diesel’s Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Michael Rooker’s Yondu in Vol. 2 (2017). Now, James Gunn … Read more

How Michelle Williams Coped With Heath Ledger’s Death And Then Succeeded In Hollywood | Celebrities, Vips

When asked about his possible involvement in the sequel to Venom, one of the ten highest grossing films of 2018, Michelle Williams neither could nor wanted to hide her bewilderment. “I don’t even know what happened in the first part … So I don’t know anything about the second part”, admitted in a fit of … Read more

‘For thirteen reasons’: Dylan Minnette explains the death of the end and the last scene of the series

Beware SPOILERS! * This article reveals the end of ‘For thirteen reasons’ On June 5, the last chapters that we will see of ‘For thirteen reasons’ arrived on Netflix, the series that generated a lot of conversation with its first season as it was focused on the suicide of a teenager. Although Hannah Baker’s death … Read more

Beanie Feldstein opens up about grief over her older brother’s unexpected death

Beanie Feldstein opens up about the loss of her older brother (Getty Images) Beanie Feldstein, Jonah Hill’s sister, opened up about the loss of her older brother, Jordan Feldstein, noting that she hopes that talking about his grief will help others. Jordan died unexpectedly in December 2017 at the age of 40 after suffering a … Read more

Review of Happy Death Day 2

Blumhouse has recently become a productive low-cost horror factory and its offer tends to be quite popular both from critics and from the public. Proof of this was the surprising ‘Happy death day (2017)‘, a slasher more aimed at teenage audiences with touches of ‘Trapped in Time’, commonly known as ‘Groundhog Day’, as its protagonist … Read more

Love and betrayal go hand in hand in the BBC series ‘Death and Nightingales’

Jamie Dornan and Ann Skelly, in a still from ‘Death and Nightingales’. First season The BBC produces this miniseries starring Matthew Rhys, Ann Skelly and Jamie Dornan that tells how a young woman decides to take charge of her life in the middle of 1885 It is a shame that the platform that HBO has … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson mourn the death of Alan Rickman, Professor Snape in ‘Harry Potter’

British actor Alan Rickman, one of the most important figures in cinema in the United Kingdom, died this Thursday at the age of 69. Rickman, who gave life (among many other characters) to the professor Severus Snape in the movies of the saga Harry Potter, has died in London of cancer. In a brief statement, … Read more