Salário mínimo, exportações, países do leste e uma viagem Lisboa-São Francisco. Fact Check ao debate entre António Costa e Rui Rio

Salario minimo exportacoes paises do leste e uma viagem Lisboa Sao

Tem acesso livre a todos os artigos do Observador por ser nosso assinante. A frase Conseguimos ter as empresas portuguesas a exportar mais do que exportavam em 2019”António Costa  O Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE) indicou na última segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro, que no que diz respeito às exportações de bens cresceram 5,2% no acumulado … Read more

RTP3 debate. CDS and Liberal Initiative diverge on state support but both rule out Chega

RTP3 debate CDS and Liberal Initiative diverge on state support

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos and Cotrim de Figueiredo were face to face at RTP3, in a debate where the State’s supporters started out on the table. The CDS leader accused the Liberal Initiative of not worrying about the underprivileged and Cotrim Figueiredo found that this was also a criticism coming from the Left Bloc. “When … Read more

Resolving the black hole ‘fuzzball or wormhole’ debate

Journal Reference: Bin Guo, Marcel R. R. Hughes, Samir D. Mathur, Madhur Mehta. Contrasting the fuzzball and wormhole paradigms for black holes. Turkish Journal of Physics, 2021 [abstract] The study attempts to put to rest the debate over Stephen Hawking’s famous information paradox, the problem created by Hawking’s conclusion that any data that enters a … Read more

A transparent debate to save the public hospital

A transparent debate to save the public hospital

Editorial of the “World”. The public hospital crisis takes an acute turn. Seventeen months after the Ségur de la santé agreements which devoted 8.2 billion euros to the upgrading of professions in healthcare establishments, the government has just granted, as a matter of urgency, a monthly bonus of 100 euros net to some 30,000 nurses … Read more

EU fiscal framework: the inevitable debate

EU fiscal framework the inevitable debate

Editorial of the “World”. A few days before the opening of the French presidency of the European Union (EU), the 1is January for six months, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and President Emmanuel Macron have launched a joint call for the reform of fiscal rules within the EU, jointly laying down the terms of a … Read more

Investing in universities, a forgotten priority in the presidential debate

Investing in universities a forgotten priority in the presidential debate

To analyse. Who carries a project for French universities? Who, simply since the beginning of the presidential campaign, evokes in detail the stakes related to higher education and research? 1is December, the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) broke the silence by publishing a note of twelve pages “For a fairer and more efficient investment” in favor … Read more

Presidential: among LR candidates, to each their own way of preparing for the final debate

Presidential among LR candidates to each their own way of

The candidates for the nomination of the Republicans, during the debate of November 14, 2021, on BFM-TV. BLONDET ELIOT/ABC/ANDIA.FR The trailer is irresistible: “A few hours before the start of the activists’ vote, France Inter and France 2 offer live the decisive debate between the LR candidates vying for the nomination ”, already displays the … Read more

PSG striker Mauro Icardi’s couple crisis provokes a social debate in Argentina

PSG striker Mauro Icardis couple crisis provokes a social debate

LETTER FROM BUENOS AIRES PSG player Mauro Icardi in Paris, October 15, 2021. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS Immediately, the topic sparked discord and uproar. Then Julia, 26, spoke up and silenced the whole assembly gathered in Tolosa, 60 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, for Mother’s Day, celebrated in October in Argentina: “No, but what, when … Read more

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