“Improving the protection of whistleblowers is a vital issue for a living democracy”

Tribune. We whistleblowers are paying a high price for daring to speak the truth. Reprisals, dismissal, loss of employability, endless legal proceedings, smear campaigns, these pitfalls are generally accompanied by financial damage or even family and relationship difficulties. This reality is not acceptable, as it is very dissuasive for all future whistleblowers. However, for each … Read more

The year of doubt for American democracy

The year of doubt for American democracy

Editorial of the “World”. The assault on the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, cast a dark veil over democracy in this great country. That an outgoing president beaten regularly at the polls do everything to prevent the peaceful transfer of power had definitely infamous Donald Trump’s mandate. What has happened since, while less … Read more

Joe Biden’s democracy summit disappointed

Joe Bidens democracy summit disappointed

Editorial of the “World”. Campaign pledges do not only engage those who receive them. Joe Biden had the uncomfortable experience with the virtual summit for democracy organized by the United States on December 9 and 10. It was announced with fanfare in a column published in the spring of 2020 by the magazine Foreign Affairs, … Read more

From Athenian democracy to the Fifth Republic, what drives us to vote?

From Athenian democracy to the Fifth Republic what drives us

By Marion Dupont Posted today at 07:30 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThe object of a long political and systematized battle with the Third Republic, the election of representatives is only one form of democracy. Become evident, universal suffrage is more and more shunned by the electorate. How to give it back meaning? At the start … Read more

The summit of democracy, a balancing act for Washington

The summit of democracy a balancing act for Washington

US President Joe Biden during a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the White House in Washington on November 15, 2021. SUSAN WALSH / AP In his foreign policy, Joe Biden tries to draw a big picture: the struggle of democracies against the camp of authoritarian regimes, led by China. Fatally, this logic … Read more

“The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy”

The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy

Tribune. Digital is everywhere. It has invaded our living space. This is true for the fields of health, transport, finance and banking, leisure and communication. This is also true for the field of information. In 2020, 88% of French people over the age of 12 say they connect to the Internet every day or several … Read more

“The rule of law and democracy: such is the treasure that the people of Benin must be given back”

The rule of law and democracy such is the treasure

To stay up to date on African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. In Porto-Novo, Benin’s capital, President Patrice Talon inaugurates the Charles-de-Gaulle stadium on May 23, 2021. YANICK FOLLY … Read more

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