Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Danny DeVito go to the nursing home

Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, Helen Mirren and Danny DeVito are part of the same generational combo of actors, who will now coincide in the same nursing home. Of course they will do it as protagonists of Sniff, an elegant black staging of old piolas. Directed by Taylor Hackford, Oscar winner for Ray, the film is … Read more

Tracy Morgan is DeVito and Schwarzenegger’s long-lost brother in the sequel to ‘The Twins Strike Twice’

Good news for fans of one of the most iconic comedies of the 80s as the sequel to ‘The Twins Strike Twice’ is now a reality. The film that reunited Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito will have a continuation that will come from the hand of Ivan Reitman, who was already in charge of directing … Read more

Why Danny DeVito Lost the Verification Badge on Twitter

For a few hours, the account @DannyDeVito on Twitter did not display the blue check mark confirming the authenticity of that profile. That happened after a tweet by the American actor in which he expressed his support for Nabisco workers demanding improvements in working conditions. “I support Nabisco workers in their strike (demanding) humanitarian work … Read more

What is Sniff about, the film that will reunite Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Danny DeVito

Morgan Freeman and Al Pacino, two Hollywood heavyweights who will work together on a new police thriller A future film project will feature a luxurious cast, which will bring together various legends of today’s Hollywood. Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Danny DeVito will share screen in Sniff, a film that is presented as … Read more