Criticism of The war of tomorrow. The aliens didn’t count on Chris Pratt

Now available on Amazon Prime The war of tomorrow, a fast-paced movie full of action, time travel and some very creepy aliens The war of tomorrow Now available on Amazon Prime is the action and science fiction film directed by Chris McKay (Batman: The Lego Movie) from the script by Zach Dean starring Chris Pratt … Read more

‘A Silent Place 2’: Why didn’t John Krasinski want to do the sequel? – Movie news

A Silent Place 2 has hit theaters after being postponed and there is a peculiar anecdote involving John Krasinski and his refusal to make a sequel. Do you know why I didn’t want to expand the title? With just $ 17 million, A Silent Place was produced and that did not prevent it from becoming … Read more

‘WandaVision’: Why didn’t Aaron Taylor-Johnson return as Quicksilver on the Disney + series? – Series news

Now that ‘WandaVision’ has brought Quicksilver back to be one of the protagonists of the Disney + series, the big question is why Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not behind the character as he used to be in the MCU. Episode 5 of WandaVision, the Disney + series (If you have not subscribed, find your free trial … Read more

Have you ever changed your opinion about an actor you didn’t care for?

Carey Mulligan in “Promising Young Woman.” Photo: Focus Features Hi, Mick: Have you ever started watching a film with some hesitation because you didn’t care for the actors/writer/director based on past films, only to be pleasantly surprised? Paul Sheinfeld, Novato Hi Paul: All the time. I used to not like Carey Mulligan. Now I think … Read more

‘No Time to Die’ Gives Daniel Craig’s James Bond Era the Respectful Send-Off That Scarlett Johansson Didn’t Get From ‘Black Widow’

No Time to Die and Black Widow are both huge Hollywood movies with big audience expectations. Their most recent installments seek to conclude Daniel Craig’s James Bond era and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. The films both suffered from coronavirus (COVID-19) delays. Audience anticipation only grew stronger over time to see these actors play their roles … Read more

25 years since release, here are 25 things you didn’t know about the movie Michael Collins

Yep, it has been a full quarter of a century since the movie arrived in cinemas. First given its proper cinematic release on 11 October 1996, it has been 25 years since Neil Jordan’s epic biopic Micheal Collins was released. To celebrate the anniversary, here are 25 things you might not have known about the … Read more

Bron Breakker & 9 Other Children Of Wrestlers Who Didn’t Use Their Famous Last Name

The history of pro wrestling is full of famous wrestlers’ kids who have taken up the family business. Not all of these children are all-timers, of course — amid generational talents like Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, and El Hijo del Santo, there are misfires like David Flair and Ted DiBiase Jr. But regardless of success, … Read more