Can supermarkets keep life affordable in difficult times? – ‘If electricity becomes too expensive, the government must intervene, if a supermarket helps consumers it is wrong’ – Foodlog

Can supermarkets keep life affordable in difficult times If

Leclerc announced last week a fixed price of €0.29 for a baguette, the French daily bread. Bakers, millers, grain growers and the French farmers’ union FNSEA reacted indignantly because someone has to pay the low prices. If the consumer does not pay the supermarket a fair price, the chain will have to bleed for the … Read more

“It’s not difficult, but it’s hard”: how are the little French schoolchildren doing?

Its not difficult but its hard how are the little

Avril, 7 years old, in CE1, in her Parisian room. She was photographed by her mom, Julie, on January 12, 2022. JIE HIPPIE POP – FAMILY ARCHIVES There’s a kind of reassuring little music that we’ve always been playing: children have a tremendous capacity for adaptation. Convenient, when you have to take what most adults … Read more

Sustainability claims still legal quicksand – Green definitions difficult to substantiate – Foodlog

Sustainability claims still legal quicksand Green definitions difficult to

A sustainability claim is a claim – explicit or implicit – that a product is a sustainable choice. The interesting thing is that sustainability cannot yet be captured in a fixed definition. Sustainability is therefore a catch-all term (with a social, economic and environmental pillar), which means that there can be many different types of … Read more

Difficult mornings: the routine to prepare children in a good mood

Difficult mornings the routine to prepare children in a good

The sun has just risen, another beautiful day … The eldest is in the pie and the second does not want to eat. How many times do I have to tell them to dress? And the shoes, where are the shoes !!? “HURRY, WE’LL BE LATE”! Mornings at home don’t always look like a Ricoré … Read more

“More and more difficult to believe in this trophy”: former players scandalized by Messi’s coronation with the Golden Ball

More and more difficult to believe in this trophy former

This Monday, Leo Messi won the Golden Ball for the seventh time in his career. If the media oscillated between admiration and questioning, others violently attacked the institution of the Golden Ball. Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, only sixth this year. In a long message, long before Messi was appointed, he wanted to explain his absence … Read more

“Coal weaning is more difficult in Asia, where global warming is not one of the concerns”

Coal weaning is more difficult in Asia where global warming

Chronic. After two weeks of tough negotiations at the 26e conference on the climate in Glasgow, China and India succeeded, Saturday, November 13, to attenuate the wording of the passage of the final text relating to coal. The climate agreement only commits to a “reduction” and not an “exit” from this fossil fuel. Much of … Read more

Quentin Tarantino: “Making ‘Pulp Fiction’ today would be more difficult”

Quentin Tarantino Making Pulp Fiction today would be more difficult

When asked what he thinks will be the fate of cinemas when streaming gains more and more space, especially after the pandemic, he was hopeful. “It is impossible to answer with certainty. I have a movie theater (New Beverly) and since we reopened it there has been an incredible influx of audiences. To the point … Read more

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