“It is up to labor law and social law to evolve to extend to new activities in the digital economy”

It is up to labor law and social law to

Tribune. The situation of self-employed workers working on digital platforms is worrying, especially concerning transport cars with drivers (VTC) and delivery, because these workers can experience situations of strong economic subordination and imbalance of rights in comparison with employees. This imbalance does not only concern social protection, but also working conditions, pay or job security. … Read more

In five years all the coins will have their digital avatar

In five years all the coins will have their digital

In the next 5 years the main currencies they will have their digital equivalent. A study conducted by EAE Business School concludes that the current number of cryptocurrencies It is “unsustainable” due to the “exorbitant” energy consumption and that in the next five years there will be an accelerated concentration process facilitated by the fact … Read more

Analog computers now just one step from digital

Journal Reference: Weidong Cao, Yilong Zhao, Adith Boloor, Yinhe Han, Xuan Zhang, Li Jiang. Neural-PIM: Efficient Processing-In-Memory with Neural Approximation of Peripherals. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2021; 1 DOI: 10.1109/TC.2021.3122905 The digital design of our everyday computers is good for reading email and gaming, but today’s problem-solving computers are working with vast amounts of data. … Read more

“For sustainable, responsible and trusted digital”

For sustainable responsible and trusted digital

Tribune. Laurence Boone, chief economist at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently said: “Digital technology and the climate are at the heart of everything” (The cross, October 26). We share this conviction and we fully adhere to it. And we want to wear it! It is at the heart of the proposals … Read more

Digital instructing: Opportunity or problem?

Journal Reference: Anne Gärtner, Mario Gollwitzer, Laura M. König, Ana N. Tibubos. Chancen und Herausforderungen digitaler Lehre. Psychologische Rundschau, 2021; 72 (4): 273 DOI: 10.1026/0033-3042/a000555 For a high-quality university education, face-to-face teaching is considered an extremely important core component. However, digital teaching also brings unexpected advantages and opportunities, demonstrates the Study and Teaching Commission of … Read more

Bto 2021, the digital challenges will be aired in Florence from 24 November

Bto 2021 the digital challenges will be aired in Florence

There are now just a few hours left for the official start of the 13th edition of Bto – Be Travel Onlife scheduled for November 24 in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence. Holograms will also be among the protagonists of the opening day, which can be followed exceptionally also online on … Read more

“The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy”

The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy

Tribune. Digital is everywhere. It has invaded our living space. This is true for the fields of health, transport, finance and banking, leisure and communication. This is also true for the field of information. In 2020, 88% of French people over the age of 12 say they connect to the Internet every day or several … Read more

“If nothing were done to make data analysis on the Internet more accessible, disenchantment with digital technology could become widespread”

If nothing were done to make data analysis on the

Tribune. Measuring for better management: this is the paradigm that dominates management science today. Since the explosion of the Internet, the most shared hope is that the information accumulated thanks to digital tools will help States, companies and organizations to be more efficient, to organize themselves better, to waste less. The success of the tech … Read more

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